Goggles are a cruel mistress. Treat 'em right and choose the right pair and you'll be ripping lines, dropping cliffs and generally shredding the gnar like a well oiled German machine.

Choose the wrong pair however and you'll be cursed with fogged up lenses whilst looking like you have an disproportionately large/small head. Even then, if you choose the wrong lenses and you'll end up in hospital because you've been blinded by the sun because the tint is too light, or if it's too dark you'll have ridden into a tree. Here are a few of our top tips to protecting your valuable kopf:

Frame Size:

Whilst we all like to think we've been born equal, genetics had a different idea and therefore some of us have bigger heads and faces than others. To cater to this, different goggles are meant for different types of faces, just like snowboard boots fit a range of feet. Despite the Dragon APX being frameless, it is a big goggle and there are plenty of people out there that look like bumblebees with them on. Choose the goggles that feel good on your face and make sure that your nose can breath freely.


If you're living in Alpe D'Huez (Which on average has 300 days of sun a year), you're probably going to need some darker lenses that'll shield your eyes from the harmful UV rays of our nearest star. If you're riding in Finland though, you're probably going to need some lighter tinted lenses to help get as much of that dreary Scandinavian light to your eyes. Choose your lenses on the average light conditions you normally ride in for the best results. Alternatively, buy two lenses!


| Price: €139.00 |

For the new season, adidas release a host of new colourways and mirrored lens options for their newest goggle model – the Catchline. The design is all about a combining minimalist, retro look with high-tech functionality. adidas’s patented ClimaCool ventilation system works to create low pressure zones just outside the goggle in order to draw moist air away from the face and lens to flip fogging the finger, and while the frame is minimal the lenses it can house are anything but – the spherical lens is crystal clear and offers an unexpectedly wide field of view given the frame’s size. If you like to look lo-fi but still want cutting edge performance, have a peek at the Catchline.


| Price: €160.00 |

You know those innovations that when you see ‘em you think “Daaamn, that’s genius. How come no one thought of that before?!" Anon’s new MIG goggle/facemask combo did just that. The wide, spherical lens goggle houses a couple of magnets in the nose bridge that lock into another set of magnets on a bridge built into the accompanying facemask for a goggle/facemask seal that eliminates the chance of fogging that occurs when you just tuck a regular one up on cold weather days. The facemask also has vents to further reduce the steam room effect, and you have heaps of colours to choose from, varying from über-stealth to pimp daddy.


| Price: €289.90 |

Dragon’s Advanced Projects X collection continues to evolve unabated with the release of the all-new APX2 goggle. Built on the foundation of their famed Frameless Lens Technology, this fresh model boasts their new Swiftlock Lens Tech that makes swapping lenses faster, easier and more secure than ever. It’s easy as hell – a pair of integrated levers in the frame permit instant on-and-off lens deployment without even taking off your gloves; just flip up to release, whack in the new one and lock ‘em down. On top of all this, the APX2 is infused with heaps of venting and antifog treatmentS to eliminate steaming up, a huge field of view and super cush face foam, not to mention batting away all the sun’s death rays effortlessly.


| Price: €194.95 |

Named after Dye’s exclusive ‘click’ lens attachment system, the CLK is still their flagship choice for riders wanting epic eye protection and vision with the ability to swap lenses in seconds. Press the two discreet buttons and the lens pops out; just click in the new one and you’re golden. The minimalist frame holds a huge spherical lens for a wide open field of view and protects your eyes from 100% UVA, B and C, which is further enhanced by Dyetanium and 4D coatings to even out light transmissions, prevent glare and reduce fogging. You’ll get a hard case and spare lens too.


| Price: €190.00 |

Electric introduce the next phase in the evolution of their original oversized goggle with the release of the EG3. As with its predecessor, the EG2, this once again features a giant, crystal clear lens with an awesome field of view and which will protect your eyes from all kinds of UV. New for this model is Electric’s Press Seal System, which ensures an airtight lens-to-frame seal to eliminate the old ‘high-speed weep’ and allow the proper vents to work at eliminating fog more effectively. These also benefit from cushy triple-layered face foam, a superior antifog coating and they even come with a free bonus lens.


| Price: €379.90 |

Nike drop into the goggle game with a tight range full of high-performance eyewear, and the top-end model, the Command, certainly caught our eye. With a smooth frame shape built for a larger fit you can be sure of comfort, maximum peripheral vision and performance that adapts to the conditions. Working with Transitions Optical, Nike have created a lens that darkens or lightens in response to the amount of sunlight so don’t need to stress about changing lenses; just let the optics do the hard work while you just concentrate on sending it. DWR mesh improves airflow and reduces fogging, plus the build disperses pressure points for one of the snuggest, most comfortable fits around. Not cheap, but certainly one of the most advanced goggles of the season.


| Price: from €149.00 |

Oakley’s newest addition to its much-vaunted goggle range is all about maximised field of view. Taking their cue from fighter pilots’ helmet visors, the Flight Deck has wide open peripheral and downward vision thanks to its large, frameless design while the interchangeable lens system is hassle-free and lets you switch it up easily to cope with changing weather conditions. It’s compatible with a bunch of helmet shapes and is both lightweight and super comfortable, plus it also reaps the rewards of Oakley’s super high quality, impact-resistant lenses.


| Price: €220.00 |

Smith lit up the goggle game seven years ago when they dropped the I/O – the first rimless interchangeable lens goggle – on the world. Now they’re prepared to do the same all over with the release of the I/O 7. What they claim is ‘the next level in rimless interchangeablility’ is ultra-minimalist in design but full of uncompromised performance. The I/O 7 has sacrificed nothing in the fit, flexibility, ventilation or lightweight departments so with its Single-Pivot Quick Release, AirEvac Integration tech and Facial Geometry frame design you can be sure of getting the pinnacle of performance for your face marbles.