As the infamous quote goes in the 80's classic Steel Magnolias "The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorise". Whilst Danimals might not appreciate that sentiment, it's something worth considering when heading out in the steep and deep, so here are a few of the best accessories you can get in 2014/2015.

(Disclaimer: May or may not help you to kill it all season. Most of that depends on you as a rider. Sorry.)


| Price: €220.00 |

If you’re a photographer, you’ll be familiar with the packhorse syndrome. To lift some weight off your shoulders Amplifi created the ultimate organisation weapon to store everything from cameras to flashes, laptop and battery packs secure and dry. Ergonomic cush shoulder straps, external fasteners and pockets for backcountry equipment and loads of individual configuration options - the Focus Flask delivers.


| Price: €75.00 |

Making decisions is a pain in the arse: is it too warm to wear a jacket or will you be freezing without one? As if you didn't have enough problems already, right? Luckily Analog came to your rescue with the Divest - it's a jacket but not really. Also it makes you look like you just came back from hunting, which always makes for a good small talk topic.


| Price: €179.90 |

The Jam'll get you through summer looking like a boss while making life a piece of cake. Think sunglasses that don't need be cleaned because they hardly get dirty in the first place, or polycarbonate - one of the toughest most shatter resistant materials. Don't let your 'big boned' cousin sit on it though, it's good but it's not that good. Still not convinced? They float in water!


| Price: €34.99 |

With the Villain Neckwarmer's double layer fleece you can say goodbye to the whiff of cold air that always manages to creep its way down your neck. For additional warmth, coziness and that extra bit of privacy simply put up the hood, tighten the straps and space out the babbling punter that’s sitting next to you on the chairlift invading your personal space.


| Price: €95.00 |

Elias went on a tear the season before last and produced arguably one of the video parts of 2013, and from speaking with the German ripper it seems he had an even better winter this time round so we’re hyped to see what he has in store in the new Pirates film. Dakine have rewarded Elhardt with his own version of their Baron mitt for 2015, and it’s a banger for riders that dig slaying pow. 170g of Primaloft insulation ensures your disco fingers won’t get frostbite and 360g of wool liner adds to this and makes ‘em super comfy. By using Gore-Tex these have the pinnacle in waterproofness/breathability, the fabric is a mix of grippy water-repellent leather and 4-way stretch soft shell, and the cuff stretch to fit so you can just slip ‘em on easily.


| Price: €99.00 |

These Level mitts are so toasty warm it’s unreal. Like slipping your hand into a hand-shaped sleeping bag, for mid-winter session they are hard to top thanks to their 133g of Primaloft insulation and Thermo-Plus 3000 technology. Waterproofness and breathability are on point so you don’t have to stress about precipitation ruining your day and the regular Rexford is made fully out of treated soft goat leather for an epic feel with a killer look. We teamed up with Level for the super-limited colab version you see here – which has fabric over the fingers so we could work the Nordic print in – and though they’re not available in stores, if you hit up onboardmag.com you can try to snag yourself a pair.


| Price: €84.99 |

A true all-rounder, the Sniper GTX is the glove of choice if you’re after maximum ventilation on the hill. There’s heaps of in-built insulation in these gloves, so if you get hot you can dump heat on the fly via the big ass vent that extends across the top of your hand and, as it uses Gore-Tex, your pinkies will be safe from the weather and dexterity is assured thanks to the X-Trafit construction. Other added extras are a fitted neoprene cuff for a snug seal and a buff material on the thumb to clean your goggles with or dispense with boogers.


| Price: €99.00 |

It’s common knowledge that the Devil has the best lines, but Transform are intent on taking it one step further and giving him the best handwear, too. This leather-backed mitt in death metal black has Thinsulate insulation and a fingered liner to keep your hands warm and comfortable, a hyper grip palm to help you hang on to grabs, and a low profile shape so your steeze is tight. There’s also a Hypora waterproof insert, oversized snot pad and clips to attach the pair together – ‘cause Beelzebub hates nothing more than losing one glove. Perfect for colder days or simply looking like the Antichrist.


| Price: €219.95 |

This back protector crams in Komperdell’s more than 10 years of impact-protecting savvy into a soft vest that provides ultra protection for your spine and more. Built using multi-layered dual-density foam this is super durable and has been tested to show it absorbs up to 96% of the impact energy. This season they have optimised the shape of the protector plate in order to give the lumbar region more protection than ever, and they’ve re-engineered the cut to give an even better fit and allow better movement than ever before. And it’s not just your spine that the Ballistic Cross looks after – internal organs and your sternum and ribs will also be protected from bruising encounters with the snow better than ever.


| Price: €99.95 |

One of the lightest certified helmets in the game is also one of the dopest looking. Based on Pro Tec’s classic shape, they’ve added a visor for some sun-shading, wind-shielding military steeze and worked in their innovative Dual Direction Fit – a dial on the rear of the helmet that allows you to micro-adjust your fit either tighter or looser as you need it. The shell and EPS liner conform to all the snow-specific safety standards, plus there’s heaps of internal padding and vents (no fewer than 11) to keep you comfy and chilled.


| Price: €159.90 |

This back protector doesn’t just safeguard your spine, it also looks after your tailbone, shoulder blades and lower back too. Utilising a lightweight, flexible material (there’s no rigid components in this bad boy) you’ll barely notice the BackPro XT Lite is there at all – until you take a beating, that is. The protective material, dubbed 2nd Skin XT, molds to your body and provides dynamic protection that’s proportional to the force of impact – the harder you slam, the more it protects your vitals. The new ergonomic shape maximises personalised fit, flexibility and breathability to keep you more comfortable than ever, plus of course it exceeds the EN 1621 safety standards.


| Price: €85.00 |

This good-looking lid has a whole bunch of style backed up with the level of functionality you need for progressive riding protection. The Bombshell Construction will take a good ol’ beating while Smith’s AirEvac 2 ventilation, along with 12 vents and AirFlow Climate Control, works to keep your brainbox chilled or toasty depending on conditions. The self-adjusting fit will sit sweet on your head, and there are removable earpads – you can also use a Skullcandy Audio System in these too. While perfect for slopestyle riders, the Gage is not just good for shredding, either – this badboy is also certified to bike standards so you can make use of it year-round.


| Price: €49.90 |

This little box is like a Magician's hat for the world of your GoPro. With a whole array of pouches, pockets and protective foam, the only place your gear would be safer is Fort Knox. Compatible with the GoPro series from 2 - 4, you'll sleep soundly in the knowledge that not only is your gear stashed away in style, but if for any reason there was a flash flood, you're GoPro will be safe from Poseidon's clutches in the deep.