Top 10 Best GoPro Accessories Cover

Like them or loathe them - action sports cameras are here to stay. You can send in as much hate mail as you like about the little things, we've seen a tonne of crazy shit done with them at the helm! And a lot of the best shots are made possible thanks to the infinite range of adapters, mounts, rigs and general accessories that allow them to perform at their best.

So, here's a round up of some of the best GoPro accessories we've come across on our travels - unfortunately we can't guarantee you'll be able to pull off stunts like Sage and Eric here but still we hope they'll help you get that little bit of extra fun out of your footage.

[part title="SP Wifi Remote Poles and Power Bar Duo"]

SP Snowboard Gopro pole remote 2014-2015

Remote Poles


23 Inch: 10.75–23" (276-582mm)

39 Inch: 13.6–39" (330-990mm)

(Remote sold seprately)

One handed filming made a whole lot simpler with these Remote Poles from SP Gadgets. They house the Wifi remote that's provided with the GoPro Hero 3 so you can easily use it with your pole hand. Both sizes are extendable and twist lock to stay secure so you can set yourself up and get sliding - ideal if you've got children to hold on to/ a sandwich to eat/ terrible balance as it keeps your other hand free!

Power Bar


This portable charger might look familiar if you read our mag - it's not only compatible with GoPro batteries but many USB devices as well - so when you're stuck for charge but you've still got more to shoot - you don't have to panic.

When attached to the mains, it's even better because you can charge two GoPro batteries, and the one in your camera at the same time!

[part title="Photodiox Filter Kit"]

Fotodiox gopro filter kit gotough


If you're a bit of a pro with a camera already and want to take your POV footage up a step - you might want to look into Fotodiox's GoTough Filter Kits. Available as a screw on adapter that fits onto the existing GoPro casing - these maintain waterproofing while allowing you to fit a range of filters - the standard Kit features UV, CPL and ND8 and there are coloured tint options available too. Handy if you want to give your footage a different colour and feel OR if you're looking at shooting in conditions with a lot of bright light.

[part title="Giro Edit Helmet with Inbuilt Attachment"]

Giro GoPro Snowboard Helmet 2014-2015

c. €140

Simple but effective - if you like having a GoPro - and you want to have the ability to attach it to your helmet - but you DON'T like having a permanent fixture/sticky pad on your lid, Giro have the answer. They've integrated a removable fixture into their design (also available in other colours) which allows you to have your camera when you want it and forget it when you don't.

[part title="POV Buoy and POV Pole 19"]

SP Snowboard Gopro grips 2014-2015

Buoy (Left) -


If you're just after a simple grip for control, you can't go far wrong with SP's POV Buoy. Chunky handle for plenty of control - adjustable wrist strap with carabiner included - and small enough to fit easily in your pocket when not in use. As an added bonus - their Buoy and Dive Buoy grips float in water so they won't get lost if you're pond skimming or going for a dip.

POV Pole 19"/36"(Right)


19 Inch: 7–19" / 175–480 mm

36 Inch: 11.25–36" / 285–925 mm

Telescopic twist locked poles that attach directly to your GoPro case - these fold down to a super compact dual diameter grip.

[part title="SP POV Case"]

SP Snowboard Pov Camera Case 2 2014-2015


You need a place to keep your shit - you got a place to keep your shit. SP's POV cases keep all your bits and pieces safe from harm - at least until you take your camera out and trash it.

Available in a range of colours for the fashion conscious - here's what they look like on the inside:

Gopro Pov case SP

[part title="DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter"]

c. €600

There's a lot of demand for quadcopters at the moment - with their ability to get completely different shots, they provide additional depth to your footage that you can't get any other way. We've chosen this Phantom 2 not because it's the best out there but because it hits those unavoidable criteria of being just about affordable, easy to pick up and learn, and therefor probably the most accessible high quality accessory for the majority of most snowboarders out there.

There ARE some nuts RC fanatics who build their own versions of these which are undoubtably on a whole different level - but unless you've got one of those guys at the ready - this will save you a whole lot of man hours and probably a fair amount of money too (we saw an estimate that building your own version of this could easily cost €1500...)

Anyhow - the video above had us pretty much sold...

[part title="GoPro Suction Cup"]

GoPro Suction Cup Car

c. €30

The journey's half the fun right? If you're road-tripping and getting shots along the way this suction cup will definitely come in handy. Whack it on any surface that's flat enough to get a good seal and you've got yourself a stable spot. We've used it on the windscreen/dashboard more than a couple of times - ideal for catching those moments when you've all been up for far too long and everything seems funny...

[part title="GoPro Touch BacPac LSD Screen"]

GoPro LCD screen

c. €80.00

Whoops... we meant LCD screen, obviously. Although you might trip out on this one as GoPro reintroduce the revolutionary ability to ACTUALLY SEE WHAT YOUR SHOOTING. It's the answer to the bane of many POV enthusiasts everywhere - after all monitoring what's in your frame means you can shoot better footage!

Now available in a touchscreen edition, the BacPac allows you to preview and playback your footy just like a regular camera - all integrate-able into the small waterproof shell you're used to - handy right!

With the brand new GoPro HERO 4 Silver edition that has just been launched, this accessory is no longer required, with GoPro finally including a built in LCD screen on the back of the camera.

[part title="GoPro Blackout Housing"]


c. €59.95

Sick of the shiny silver look of your GoPro and looking for something a little more stealth? The blackout housing is the GoPro accessory for you. Launched earlier this year, GoPro's blackout housing gives your camera a low-profile, stealth appearance by enclosing it in a matte black case rather than the traditional clear one. It's perfect for situations when you don't want to draw attention to the camera, and looks pretty damn sick if you ask us.

The Blackout housing comes with multiple exchangeable back doors as well as LCD concealment stickers to help eliminate light reflection from the housing’s LCD window.

[part title="Brunton All Day Battery Pack"]


If carrying around spare batteries to keep your GoPro fully charged through the day doesn't sound like much fun, it would be worth considering the Brunton All Day battery pack. The pack replaces the standard back-door of your GoPro, while maintaing waterproofing and shock-proofing, and can increase the life of your GoPro by up to four times. The pack can also be used to power smartphones via the built in mini-USB port.

Although adding extra bulk to your GoPro is a definite hindrance if you plan on wearing it, it's a great solution if you plan on attaching it somewhere and leaving it recording for longer periods of time, without having to replace the battery mid-way through.

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