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hide or disguise the presence of (a person, animal, or object) by means of camouflage: "the camo wearing snowboarder was camouflaged by snow covered pine needles and branches from trees"

Camouflage, or camo, as it's often abbreviated to, is a word that describes the concealment of an object against it's background. Camouflage can be achieved in a bunch of different ways, and there are entire scientific papers dedicated to the field. Thankfully for you lot, we won't bore you with any of that.

While the army use camo to avoid getting blown to smithereens and loads of animals have evolved it to avoid becoming lunch for other animals, in the last couple of seasons, as the neon fad has slowly petered out, camo and muted colours in general have re-emerged as staples in snowboard outerwear.[splitpost intro="true" position="both"]

Now, rather than just pick out a load of camo jackets that we liked the look of, we thought we'd test out each one's camouflage properties by attempting to hide them from you.

Some clearly work better than others (but that's probably just the result of our crappy photoshop skills)...

[part title="Protest Nippon Jacket"]


Although it has a fairly awful name for a jacket (yes, we know it's another name for Japan, but we're betting a lot of other snowboarders don't...), the Protest Nippon is a pretty mean camo jacket. Alongside the all-over print, the Nippon has a relaxed fit, 5k waterproofing, goggle pocket and all the other bells and whistles. You might wanna scope it out on the Protest website though because it's just camouflaged so damn well here.

[part title="Nike Kampai 2.0 Jacket"]


Nike certainly aren't a company to do things by halves and the Kampai 2.0 jacket is no different. Available in a bunch of different colourways, the Kampai 2.0 is one of our favourite jackets in Nike's line up.

This features Nike's patented Storm-Fit fabric to keep you as dry and warm as that all-over print looks. And while said print certainly isn't your traditional foliage inspired camo design, just look how well it blends in against a backdrop of beautiful yellow flowers...


The Laurelhurst is a sweet looking jacket for all-conditions. It uses a 10k/5k fabric so staying dry won't be a problem, and it has some insulation too so you can also use it on those super cold days.

The distorted camo print is a pretty traditional looking camo print and as you can see, if for some reason you wanted to disappear in front of a backdrop of muddy leaves and grass, it would do the job perfectly.

[part title="Bataleon Balder Jacket"]


Since launching their first outwear line last season, Bataleon continue their simplicity meets functionality approach with their 2014 offering. The Balder is one of two jacket models that they make and each is available in a few colour options. The Balder is the more relaxed fitting of the two, uses a 10k/10k fabric and all of the extra good stuff you could want in a jacket - waterproof zippers, liftpass pocket, media pocket, adjustable hood, you name it.

If you'e ever on safari, this Raven Current colourway might get you mistaken for a big-ass feline, but on snow you'll just look G-R-R-R-EAT! (apologies, we couldn't resist...)

[part title="Burton Frontier Jacket"]


The Burton Frontier jacket is a solid choice for anyone looking for a stylish, functional jacket that won't break the bank. The frontier is built with a 10k/10k fabric, uses Burton's signature fit and sits smack bang in the middle of their warmth scale.

We're particularly hyped on the oversized pockets that you can use to stash all of your bits 'n' bobs in and you don't really get more classic than that camo print. And on that leafy backdrop? Well, squint and you'll miss it.

[part title="Thirty Two Shiloh 2 Jacket"]


The Shiloh 2 jacket remains one of the most popular in the Thirty Two line-up and for good reason. The waterproof and breathable outer layer will keep you comfortable, and the relaxed fit will have you looking G on the hill. We love the minimal look of this one, with no visible pockets on the front (although it does feature two external handwarmer pockets). Fear not though as their are plenty more internal ones for your liftpass and iPhone.

Thirty Two went all desert camo on us for this colourway, though chances are this'll be way too warm to wear on your stag do in Vegas - no matter how much you wanna blend in.

[part title="Analog Zenith Gore Tex Jacket"]


The Zenith jacket is Analog's top of the range all-mountain model and features a Gore Tex shell guaranteed to keep you dry no matter the weather. They've opted for this sweet looking digital night camo print for one of the colourways and just look how well it blends into that mossy texture. Camo did good.

[part title="Nitro The Kill Jacket"]


So as you can see here, we totally blew it trying to find a background for this one, which is a shame because we think this jacket looks sick. The Kill jacket is more waterproof and breathable than most, with a 15k/15k fabric, and has a sweet looking camo print. It might just be us but we can totally imagine some russian bond villain scoping someone out with a sniper rifle in this one... could be why they called it The Kill.

[part title="Volcom Activism Jacket"]


This long-fit women's jacket by Volcom isn't your traditional camo affair, but the all-over floral print has a similar effect - particularly if you happen to find yourself walking through a meadow of blue flowers and want to conceal yourself from the creepy dude behind you... This fine looking piece for the ladies features a better than average waterproof and breathability rating of 15k/15k and all of the other features you'd expect to find on a high quality snowboard garment.

[part title="686 Chipped Insulated Jacket"]


If you wanna go get lost in the woods this winter you should totally check out the 686 Chipped jacket in this bark-like colourway. They should definitely hook Jamie Anderson up with one of these for when she's hugging trees and stuff. This one's a pretty all-round jobby with 8k waterproofing, mid-warmth and a bunch of different pockets.

[part title="O'Neill Sector Jacket"]


Here's something a little different from the all-over prints of the last few pages. O'Neill have stripped this right down to a few subtle camo hits and we dig the simplicity of it all. For the price, and it's 8k waterproof rating, this one's bang on point too.


Available in a total of 9 different colourways, the Decagon has been built with the North Face's 'Park Fit' - which gives the rider a tad more room in the body and sleeves for unrestricted hucking. It's waterproof and breathable and so it's not just all about the street-inspired good looks. And this version is another absolute classic camo print.

[part title="Quiksilver First Class Jacket"]


Travis Rice sealed and approved, the Quiksilver First Class jacket is a long fit, Gore Tex shell jacket designed to keep out the elements and have you bossing it the backcountry like T-Rice. This one doesn't really have a camo print in the traditional sense but if you ever find yourself in the grand canyon trying to go undetected by a dude with a shotgun on a horse in a cowboy hat, this one might work.

[part title="Dakine Ledge Jacket"]


This fine looking garment from Dakine is a 2 layer, 10K standard fit shell and it's another one with a more traditional camo print. There isn't much insulation in this one so it's definitely designed to be worn with a bunch of layers underneath it but it'll keep you dry which is the main thing. And you just can't go wrong with that price.

[part title="Roxy Fiona Gore Tex Jacket"]


Ok ok. So it's definitely a little far-fetched to call this one camo but we were looking for another women's jacket and this one caught our eye. And look! If you went for a swim in a pool with it on, the crazy dashes of colour would have you blend in to your surroundings like nobody's business... Or maybe not. Whatever.

The Roxy Fiona jacket is a 2 layer Gore Tex jacket meaning it'll keep you as dry as a packet of silica gel and it comes fitted with all of the features, zippers and pockets you could ask for. Shazam.

[part title="Adidas Deer Run 2L Jacket"]



Adidas have made quite the splash onto the snowboard scene this season with a brand new line-up of boots and outerwear, and a stacked snowboard team to rock them. This Deer Run jacket in the antler camo colourway is one of the most tech jackets on this list, with a 20k/20k rating, fully taped seams and even a Recco tag system. It looks pretty fresh too, as you can see in the image above (if you look extra closely you should be able to spot it).

[part title="Bonfire Trapper Camo Jacket"]


Here's a straight-forward but rad looking Trapper camo jacket that features a mellow all-over camo print along with all of the features you need in a jacket and none of the ones you don't. It's critically taped and has a 10K waterproof rating too so you won't get wet when it's puking.

[part title="DC Ripley Jacket"]


So as you can see, this DC jacket is quite a departure from what we'd usually consider camo. Still, it does have camo-ish markings on it and you'd blend in nicely against a pair of red satin curtains. Why you'd ever want do that we have no idea. Anyway, this one has a super simple minimal design, a 10k/10k waterproofing/breathability and a nice relaxed fit. Torstein approves.

[part title="Oakley Mission Jacket"]


Oakley have also gone with a digital camo kinda vibe with their Mission jacket and it's another fresh looking piece that's right at home on this list. And we're glad to say it's not just good looks either. With a bunch of tech features like 10k fabric, biozone tech to improve moisture management and biozone fleece 2 insulation, this is well worth a look in if you're after a jacket that is functional and fly.

[part title="Neff Winston Jacket"]


Here's another jacket that we failed to camouflage very well at all. Still, that's not to say it doesn't look the part - far from it actually. Neff have used a 10k/10k fabric on this one and pimped it out with waist gaiters, adjustable hood, media pocket and a bunch of external pockets and in our eyes it looks pretty dang fresh. And that's not just because it's one of the few jackets you could actually see. Right? ;)