If you choose wisely, you're not only going to end up with something that'll keep you warm from the highest chair to the lowest barstool, you're also going to have the hard part of any self-styling reinvention complete - and something to cover up those steezeless Class of '04 hoodies you insist on wearing on every trip.

To help you out we've pulled together a selection of choice cuts from the new lines of 2014. As always, this year has it's own trends, looks and tech to go with the classics, here's a few that we liked:[splitpost intro="true" numbers="true"]

[part title=" Nike Van Patten Jacket"]



Nike are a company on the cusp of every new wave of sports clothing - and the growth of their snowboarding team and campaign has been no different. This year they've put together some killer footage for their Never Not project and a tight line of outerwear too. The Van Patten is a Storm Fit 10k/10k jacket that will look just as at home on the streets as in the backcountry - and thanks to a longer fit, you can be sure your ass will stay dry all the way home too.



Airblaster's Sassy 3L range is full of surprises - designed in a range of colour combos from 'Papaya Salad' to 'Rock Punch' and 'Red Olympic' (shown), this is a pullover jacket packed with modern twists. All recycled material, classic block colours, dual entry pockets and 20K/20K waterproofing and breathability. With fully tapered seams, a classic fit and each jacket a hand numbered limited edition you'll have to get your mitts on one of these fast.

[part title="Adidas Loomis Street Jacket"]



Adidas' snowboarding drive this year has been cause for more than one conversation - and at the core of many of them has been the issue of their outerwear. Some of you love it, and some of you aren't so keen - but we reckon the brand with the three stripes has hit the nail on the head with this number. It's a fully functional take on the Coach Jacket with 10K/10K and critically taped seams.

Packing vents and media pockets into a simply styled shell, the Loomis also features Adidas' lining made from recycled coffee grounds - which wicks away moisture and prevents that stench that can build up after a long day on the streets.

[part title="Colour Wear Cargo Jacket"]



Colour Wear's Cargo Jacket is street inspired simplicity that's sure to prove popular at a reasonable price point. As you'd expect from their name, this Navy option is just one of a few colours that mix and match easily with other items across their range.

The Cargo Jacket has more pockets than you could possibly need, 10k/10k waterproofing/breathability, two way ventilation and a removable snow skirt so you can feel comfortable in it all year round.

[part title="686 Plexus Hydra Thermagraphic Jacket"]



686's Plexus is a teched-out jacket that is full of features at a lower price point than it's competitors. It utilises their top of range 20k Infidry waterproofing and 15k breathability, with full tapered seams and 'thermagraph' lining insulation panels tactically placed in the spots where you need it most.

We've read up on the Plexus and it look like there are so many little extra's in this jacket that you're probably going to have to try one out to find them all - don't forget that high-tech doesn't mean super warm though, you still might want a layer or two to keep comfortable on the super warm days.

[part title="Bonfire Rosa Jacket"]



Comfort and style come together in the ladies Bonfire Rosa Jacket. It's an 10k/8k construction coat with 80g insulation and hand warmer pockets - perfect for when the sun's going down and the streets are lighting up. Blocked out bold colours in a number of different choices ensure you're going to be seen in the sunshine too...

[part title="Burton Hackett"]



Burton's range is quite often unrivalled in terms of choice - and this heavy duty insulated flannel jacket is just one option in their wide and varied production line. Standing out with 4 easily distinguishable striped and checkered colour-ways, the Hackett is an updated take on the work-shirt-on-top look.

At 10k/5k and with 40g of insulation throughout, this would make a great street/park option if you don't want to have to layer up too much - there's a built in fleece hood too so you can keep those ears toasty.



How's this for a classic parka look? Colour Wear's ladies' Blitz is a 10k/10k, 60g insulation jacket with fully taped seams - perfect performance combined with an oversized fit and dropped tail. This jacket is presented in three traditional colour-ways that make it just as suited to the streets as the slopes.

[part title="DC Servo"]



Owners of previous years' DC Servo will know that this simple design fits nicely into that list of prized possessions you use all the time. It's a lightweight 10k/10k construction in a classic take-anywhere fit - customisable with a wide range of colours and protected by critically taped seams. This is the essential all-rounder from DC.

[part title="L1 Rambler"]



The Rambler from L1 is a great example of a workwear jacket that has driven the style's popularity in recent years. With a built in fleece lined hood, 8k/8k breathability and waterproofing and an 80g insulated body it's definitely going to keep you warm cosy and comfortable. However, it is definitely a street style jacket and it reflects in the build - there are no underarm vents, so if you go through a can of Right Guard on a good day, you might want to look at some other options...

[part title="L1 Sienna"]



It seems like you can't go wrong with camo print at the moment and the ladies Sienna jacket from L1 is right on point. This is a more traditional all rounder than the men's Rambler with 8k/8k waterproofing and breathability but cutting it down to 60g of insulation - there's also the venting that you'd expect for an item that you're gonna want to wear year round.

[part title="Analog Anthem"]



The Analog Anthem is a tailored fit jacket with a great choice of colours in a classic style. It's a pretty high performance shell too with a 10k/10k outer and fully taped seams. Alongside the usual (powderskirt, adjustable hood, media pocket etc.) this features fleece lined hand warmer pockets, and some pretty nifty looking thumb-hooks built into the cuffs - especially good if you're not a fan of wrist gaiters but you still don't want chilly elbows.

[part title="Nikita Meron"]



Nikita have toned down the colours for their Meron jacket this year, but retained the features that made it great - lightweight relaxed fit for freedom of movement with full insulation to keep you warm. We think this Andorra/Jet Black colour combo looks great and it's neutral enough for the chicks to look chill throughout their apres too.



Ok, so you're thinking of stepping it up a level and need a performance jacket that can handle that little bit more? Well take a look at the Oakley Ridgewood. Made from Gore-Tex nylon this 28k/20k jacket has the waterproofing to handle the elements on the longest days - with down 750 fill to keep you warm while you're at it.

The Ridgewood has a slightly looser fit, so you can layer up too if necessary - and a built in Recco avalanche system will act as a second safety addition to your avalanche kit if you do happen to land yourself in trouble.

[part title="Vans Upperdale"]



Vans are celebrating 20 years in snowboarding this season and they've had some great releases to commemorate the occasion - the Upperdale jacket is one of our favourites. Rich block colours, longer fit, 10k/10k nylon outer and a dropped back as well as all the features you expect from a mid range jacket.

[part title="Thirty Two Shiloh 2"]



Unless you've been living under a rock, chances are you've seen one of Thirtytwo's Shiloh jackets knocking about somewhere. They've been popular in a number of different colour-ways recently, and we're sure that this year will be no different.

Hitting that happy medium between a reasonable price point and comprehensive tech, the Shiloh 2 is a 10k/10k relaxed fit unit with fully taped seams - go for it in this red/grey colour scheme or follow Chris Grenier with his signature green/black look.


$220 (European pricing currently unavailable)

Sometimes what you really want is a simple look - and they don't come much cleaner than Volcom's Faith Pullover jacket. Plain black outer, basic white logo, bada bing bada boom.

This features a 'V-science' two layer shell that is 10k waterproof and 10k breathable, fully taped seams and venting as well as handy little add ons like peripheral hood adjustment, a two way cuff system and goggle clips in the hood.

[part title="Burton Flip Flop"]



Mark Sollors has been rocking this number in his footy this season and we reckon it looks sweet - if you take a look around at the moment you'll definitely see the Aztec kind of print kicking off too.

The Flip Flop features lightweight 40g Thinsulate insulation, a mid fit (between slim and loose), a removable internal fleece hood and fully taped seems. Plenty of tech to adapt to your riding style.

[part title="Bataleon Balder"]



Bataleon have been smashing it on the outerwear front since they launched last season - and we love this modern classic Balder jacket. Learning from their successes, the board builders have hit it clear out the park with another great colourway.

This has a 10k/10k stretch polyester shell, lightweight insulation, catch free zips and a comfy loose fit - perfect.

[part title="Ride Laurelhirst"]



This distorted men's Camo from Ride comes in at a reasonable price point and packs plenty of punch. It's a 10k/5k shell, backed up by tactical insulation and ventilation in their Act3 formation, making it a mid-weight capable of handling all but the most extreme colds.

The Laurelhirst comes in a classic long fit and is also available in block colours at a slightly lower price.

[part title="Cappel Thunder Insulated Jacket"]



Cappel was originally launched in 1994 as Ride's outerwear and street-wear brand - and since relaunching in 2005 they have continued with this tradition. The women's Thunder insulated jacket is red riding hood meets serious technical shred-gear and won't look out of place wherever you take it.

Featuring 10k waterproofing/8k breathability and 60g insulation, this is a slightly more feminine number than a some of the 'down with the boys' options out there - but it still contains everything you need to challenge the best.

[part title="Dakine Drift"]



Sometimes you need something that can stand up to super cold days, and what better than a goose down jacket? Dakine's Drift is a 750g, 2L down insulated body, with a down proof 10k/10k shell so you don't end up with feathers sticking in (or out) of you.

Internally, they've also fit in all the pockets you expect, including one for a safety whistle - just don't mistake this for a life jacket, it's puffy, but it doesn't inflate...

[part title="Protest Asian"]


If you prefer a more relaxed fit (and a slightly cheaper price point) but still want a puffa you could go for the 5k/5k Protest Asian. With it's waterproof breathable microporous coating and 100% polyester down, the Asian is an economical alternative, that will still provide warmth but perhaps with a bit more versatility than out and out goose down jacket.

[part title="Norrona Narvik Dri3"]



The Norwegians are experts at battling the cold, so who better to have designing your outerwear! Norrona are one of the longest running outerwear designers around - set up in 1929, they are still family run by Jørgen Jørgensen and have been credited with starting many developments that have long since been imitated.

The Narvik Dri3 is an ultra-thin, ultra-waterproof, stretchy shell with a slightly baggy long cut. It's premium all round and 100% windproof - a true big mountain and freeride specialist.

[part title="Quiksilver Travis Rice Roger That Jacket"]


Want to feel like Travis Rice this winter? Though you'll probably never be able to ride quite like him, you can definitely do your best to look like him. The Roger That jacket is available in a few different colours and has 15k waterproofing to keep you dry when you're doing your best T-Rice impression. Granted, if you want to swim across a river like in the Art of Flight and expect to stay dry, you may want to look at something else...

This one has all the usual bells and whistles including fully taped seams, media pocket and adjustable hood.

[part title="The North Face Decagon Jacket"]


There's nothing like a good, simple parka style jacket that will look equally at home on the mountain as it does in the streets. Seems like The North Face agree, and have built this rather fetching snowboard specific Decagon jacket.

Available in a total of 9 different colourways, the Decagon has been built with the North Face's 'Park Fit' - which gives the rider a tad more room in the body and sleeves for unrestricted hucking. It's waterproof and breathable and so it's not just all about the street-inspired good looks.