Published in Onboard Magazine Issue 121, March 2011

Words: Anna Langer


While the season is coming to an end, the last Art page is dedicated to a topic that is ongoing: the fight against cancer. Globally it was one of the leading cause of death in 2010. Breast cancer, is a disease that many ranked snowboard girls have had to deal with. Amongst them Tina Basich and Shannon Dunn, who founded the charity Boarding For Breast Cancer after their friend Monica Steward died from the disease aged 28.

The organizations original mandate was to organise events that would increase awareness for breast cancer and raise money for the fi ght against it, but the foundation has spread their wings and now manages campaigns for the cause, including educational tours in universities, learning retreats, informative videos concerning the disease and their events and collaborations with brands from the boardsport scene.

One of their biggest initiatives is their artist’s collaboration with Sessions, which is now in its fourth year this winter. These collaborations are a more tangible and accessible approach to the topic of cancer for the majority of us.

Rather than labouring the dark side of the disease Sweden based French artist Amanda Mendiant instead focused on B4BC’s campaign “Know Yourself: Early Detection + Active Lifestyle = Best Prevention" and the message she wanted to get across, was to ‘Protect your Breasts’. “When I thought of how to visually illustrate this, the obvious came to me: what’s the refl ex when you want to protect a part of your body? To cover or hold it. Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest and the best way to communicate! And so I designed the fi rst jacket with a girl on the back that is reaching out to the front to hold and protect the owner of the jacket’s breasts."


Based on this original idea, which was used for the first collaborations, Amanda created another unique artwork for Sessions and B4BC, that was auctioned off during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in September 2010, with all proceeds going towards the charity. “This years design is a strong lady with an attitude. I didn’t want to cover her with clothes since breasts still are the main reason for the campaign, so she is covering, protecting her breasts herself. And for a lack of red nipples I painted two cherries!"

As her “feminine yet slightly edgy but always fashionable graphics," as Session’s marketing manager Daniell Glagola describes Amanda’s style, work so well to bring the massage across point blank, there will be another collaboration with her in the upcoming 2011/12 season. Most graphics in snowboarding are purely there as eye candy and yet with the work of B4BC there is a much greater impact on the hearts and minds of those looking

at it. So we dearly hope there will be more alliances between the good causes, snowboarding and fine arts in the future, that will stimulate hearts and minds!