We introduced our Ed in Chief to the internet this week and he was amazed at all the naked ladies performing there. Finally we managed to get him off redtube and got him to drop his musings on the ThirtyTwo Focus Boa boots that he's had his wizened little feet in for a while now, and thus - BANG! - we have another Product of the Week for your edification... Peruse.

I am new to this Product of the Week thing but what I am about to tell you is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god; or whoever else might be feeling charitable.

So what is this great product I am about to describe? Why, it is the ThirtyTwo Focus Boa.

It is always a worrying experience when presented with a new pair of boots that beg, like the sluts that they are, for me to slip by odorous feet into their soft holes and take them on a ride of a lifetime. Will they pinch? Ex-squeeze me across the forefoot? Have my heel flopping about like a kitten in a shopping bag?

Well here’s the truth: The ThirtyTwo Focus Boa does none of the above.

I first slipped into them under my desk to break 'em in and with both Boas cranked they fitted like tailored gloves – bear in mind I hadn’t heat molded them as yet. There was no pinch; no uncomfortable internal overlapping of seams; and my heel was held firmly but comfortably, like a pair of nads in Speedos.

Now to the mountain and the Focus Boa’s natural habitat. The double Boa’s allowed me to customize the shell's hold of my foot specifically, while the 3D tongue and supportive spine delivered support and flex in just the right measures. I particularly liked the little Velcro feature on the tongue, which integrates its fit to the upper liner and the ease by which I could get in and out of them and find just the right tension at the spin of the Boa’s wheel. Apparently these boots score and 8 out of 10 on ThirtyTwo’s flex scale but I didn’t find them over-stiff: I hate stiff boots – I rode a pair of Burton Freestyles for four season so that I could tweak like Ingo.

Add to the mix overall comfort, warmth, fit and ingrained responsiveness and my little footsies had found the perfect match.

I am backing the Focus Boa.