For today's Product Lowdown, we cast a glimpse at what CAPiTA's Charlie Slasher FK has to offer. In short: pow performance. Peep more...


Charlie Slasher FK

Lengths: 154, 158, 164

Terrain: All-mountain freestyle/Pow

Camber: Combined camber

The Charlie Slasher, according to its makers Capita, is the ultimate pow board which takes less effort to ride and makes you days in deep snow all that more fun. Why, you ask? Well, because the Charlie has a base profile that's flat from the back of the front inserts to the tail – acting as a stable landing platform for those pow stomps and requires less effort to keep your bodyweight correctly over the board – as well as rocker from the front inserts to the nose for lift. Add a fast durable sintered base, tapered pow tail and carbon inserts in the nose to prevent you going over the handlebars, and you have one of the meanest pow slashers around. It also looks well mean.