A freestyle stunt stick with regular camber? Yep, they still exist and this one's money. Check the skinny...



Lengths: 151.5 154.5 156.5 158.5

Shape: True Twin

Camber: Regular Camber

We in the Onboard office are backing Artec based on personal experience. The Artec Cipher has a fine blunt twin symmetry that is great for jibbing, with a true twin flex pattern that makes it nectar for any kind of freestyle: after all, it is the gun of choice for the likes of Gus Engle and Kalle Ohlson, which implies that whether it's urban rails or backcountry pow touchdowns it's gonna cut the mustard. With a poppy SuproTec wood core, Artec’s lively HyperTec Camber and super fast AlphaTec base the Cipher is a dynamic, responsive piece of freestyle weaponry. Get yourself on one!