Yes. The Basic Snowboard 2014-2015

YES snowboard is now pretty famous in Europe and all over, thanks to the efficient boards they have been producing those last few years, and thanks to the sick team of riders that makes the image of the brand shine like a star.

Riders created and riders owned, YES snowboard is now established in Europe and it's a good thing. DCP, Romain De Marchi and JP Solberg have worked hard again this year to propose a wide range of boards that the impressive team of riders tests day-in day out. And the team is just as impressive: the three creators, plus Tadashi Fuse, Helen Schettini, Franck April, Trouble Andrew, Benji Richie, to name just a few... Check out the 2014/15 range in those following pages.

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Yes. The Basic Snowboard 2014-2015

Yes Basic

As the name of this entry range suggests, here you've got the essentials of YES' DNA for a minimal price. From 146 to 163W, the Basic is a twin, the stance is centered on the effective edge and the nose and tail are identical lengths. But they shaped the tail in such a way that its volume is less than the nose so even though it’s a twin, it floats like a directional in pow. A combination of mid-camber with rocker outside the binding areas makes for an easy to ride, all-terrain board that holds when pushed.

[part title="emoticon"]

Yes. -) Emoticon Snowboard 2014-2015

YES Emoticon

New in the 2014/2015 range, the Emoticon is an intermediate board that gives you a little more snap and edge than the Basic. Still a very good board to progress, wether you prefer shred the backcountry pow or the park.

[part title="yes 420"]

Yes. 420 Snowboard 2014-2015

With what YES calls a 'weird directional shape', the 420 could be your pow weapon of choice. Super short, it plays with volume distribution and get its float and stability from the exaggerated width, a little taper and a custom crafted base profile. The result is close to what you get in the surf with a well-designed fish: really fast, loose, and will get you places you struggled to get to before.

[part title="yes ghost tdf"]

Yes. Ghost by TDF Snowboard 2014-2015

YES Ghost by TDF

This positive camber board designed for and by Tadashi Fuse is a truly skate-influenced twin. Snappy, poppy and fast, just like the Japanese master. The lightweight core uses two species of poplar with beech compression blocks in the binding area.

[part title="yes hell"]

Yes. Hel YES. Snowboard 2014-2015

Hell yeah! Built for Helen Schettini and all the female riders that want to shred hard, the Hel is a slightly directional shape that’s narrower than a guy’s board but still wide enough to provide a stable platform for pushing it. The sidecut employs a slight bump in two spots along each rail at the binding area to increase grip in ice or hard-pack without feeling grabby, slowing you down, or being a nightmare to tune.

[part title="yes pickyourline"]

Yes. Pick Your Line Snowboard 2014-2015

YES Pick Your Line

Developed by DCP, the Pick Your Line features Beechwood and Poplar core and carbon stringers. A slightly directional shape and minimal tapered tail keeps it floating without limiting DCP’s options to throw park-like freestyle hucks on his backcountry canvas.

[part title="yes public"]

Yes. Public (Publicly Banned) Snowboard 2014-2015

YES Public

This is jib specialist Frack April's choice. The wide and blunt nose shape allows for stable, confident nose presses and helps also the stability when popping. The core profile has mid-flex with a slight increase in thickness just outside the binding area before tapering back down, creating a balance between softer overall flex and good pop.

[part title="yes greats"]

Yes. The Greats Snowboard 2014-2015

YES Greats

The Greats are back! We remeber when the first collection went out and everybody was talking about the sick idea of dedicating boards to modern legends. This year, The Greats line is dedicated to legendary riders, such as Jeff Anderson or Jamil Khan.The camber asym shape provides great response and huge pop. Definately a board to try if you want to push your limits like those legends.

[part title="yes groms"]

Yes. The Groms Snowboard 2014-2015

YES Groms

Who said groms boards should look like toys? This bad-ass board for the youngsters is a true twin, built with all the attention that would deserve another board on the range, including sidewall construction, full-wrap edged and adapted flex.

[part title="yes jackpot"]

Yes. The Jackpot Snowboard 2014-2015

YES Jackpot

Another top of the notch board this season is the Jackpot. This Goodwood winning machine features a True-Twin outline with 2 very subtle bumps along each rail to keep it tracking across icy pipes and sketchy in-runs. Camrock base profile with updated core to a durable Poplar assembly with Beechwood impact blocks under the feet.

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