Entirely self shot with the HEXO+ during the GoPro athlete camp at #cmhheli in Galena... I only rode a few lines but got amazed at the evolution of it!I let you judge...enjoy...Next Level Aerial Filming www.hexoplus.com #autoflyingcamera #dronefuture

Posted by Xavier De Le Rue on Thursday, 9 April 2015

As well as pushing the boundaries of backcountry snowboarding, Xavier de le Rue has also recently teamed up with drone manufacturers Hexo+ in order to test out and present their autonomous selfie drone, designed to allow your very own personal robotic filmer to follow you around the mountain.

Whilst there is a bit of shakiness to the footage, as well as a couple of shots where the Xav-man gets cut out of frame, it is impressive stuff considering all that is happening is the drone tracking his phone. No doubt these things will be more and more popular in the coming years, but will they be be a force for creativity, or just more technology on the mountain getting in the way of a truer snowboarding experience?