White Gold Flyer

White Gold started off life as a small board manufacturing project from Whistler legend Kevin Sansalone - and they've now been adopted as the freeride end of Bataleon's ever popular outfit.

They specialise in creating burly rides to compliment the freestyle range of TBT snowboards - adapting the technology and using high end materials to make them work for pow, backcountry and all terrain. From previous years testing - we've seen that the triple base tech gives White Gold boards a super smooth transition edge to edge, making for a unique ride which-ever stick you choose.

Throughout the process that's taken White Gold onto the mass market, there's little doubt that they've maintained the feel of an exclusive board building company and there's a lot of care that goes into these designs - from bamboo sidewalls to the naturalistic graphics, you're left with no doubt that you're looking at something that's meant to be set free.

This year, with the introduction of the new Proto XIV/V - White Gold have upped their line to a breathtaking 4 boards for the 2014/2015 season. If that's not proof that only the best get through with these guys, I'm not sure what is...

[part title="White Gold Flyer & North"]

White Gold Snowboards Flyer and North 2014-2015

Flyer (Left)

The firm favourite of the man himself. This is Kevin's ride of choice. Simple black graphics and a cork style design of the White Gold logo - it's versatile enough to take all over the mountain, a real swiss-army-knife, one hit quiver that'll have you loving the powder days and keep your spirits up when they just don't come.

North (Right)

The North is a hard charging all terrain board with a slightly setback stance. Featuring cork stringers tip to tail, it's also built to be split friendly down the central bamboo line. So if you're looking for a ripper but are interesting in doing some hiking it's actually a pretty easy conversion into splits and you'll be ready to go.

[part title="White Gold Shaka and Proto XIV/V"]

White Gold Snowboards Shaka and Proto XV-V 2014-2015


White Gold's superfun powder board with an unsinkable nose. Unrivalled float - you can ride this shorter and softer than other pow boards thanks to the TBT. It's designed the throw rooster tails too, which is rad!

Proto XIV/V

This new powder twin is a fresh addition to the line - these boards are built to ride perfectly in either direction in the soft stuff, and the symmetrical shape means it's ideal for freestyle too. We're definitely looking forward to giving it a try.