Völkl combine cutting edge technology with a passion for snowboarding to make high quality products. Everything Völkl does is the result of determined research and development efforts.

Völkl started making snowboards in 1997 but they have been making skis since 1923! The Völkl family have been based in Bavaria since 1875 and were one of the first ever ski manufacturers.

We took a trip to their stand at ISPO to check out their 2015 2016 gear.

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New to the roster of Völkl Snowboards' quiver is the AFC, their new all-mountain snowboard that has a cambered profile for a freestyle orientated rider.

A fish tail gives the board extra lift in powder, especially when combined with the pointed sccop nose for those extra inches gliding atop powder. The direction shape means that switch riding is going to be pretty tricky, but if you're up for some balls to the walls charging - this is is a solid German whip.


If you're looking for a progressive cambered profile board and you're a lady, look no farther than the Völkl Breeze. The underfoot camber twinned with an early risen tip and tail means it's a solid choice for those looking to make the leap.

Whilst it might be camber, it's not super stiff board that requires aggressive riding to get the most from - it probably sits in the middle of the flex range.

As we said, if you're looking for a board that'll take you from tentative turns to full on whiteroom, this'll make the transition a breeze.


If you're a penny pincher and looking for a stick that'll take you across terrain from powder to park, you'd be savvy to snap up the Savvy from Völkl Snowboards.

A hybrid shape comes as a flat profile between the feet and rocker underfoot. This means if you're stomping backside 900s and switch lipslides, you've got solid edge control to land on, but when tracked powder, you're not going to sink when you could be swimming.

If you're looking to translate your park skills to the backcountry, this is a solid option for an adventurous lady.


Quiver killing technology from Völkl Snowboards has resulted in the Sleek - a freestyle all-mountain stick that'll take you where you need to be, when you need to be there.

The easy camber profile gives you the edge hold and security of camber, but a kick of rocker in the tip and tail to help you float when you need it.

If you're tackling the piste, fear not as it comes with Völkl's shock absorber technology that'll take the chatter out of textured terrain. It'll give you a good dose of pop to with carbon rods underfoot that go in a V shape to the tip and tail.


The Squad Prime is a beast. If you're looking for a board to cruise on, you better scroll on, but if you're looking for a gun that'll test your abilities, read on.

Many of the Völkl Snowboards team ride this whip, and for good reason. The pro camber takes no prisoners, but if you ride aggressively you'll get the best from this board. Packed full of technology that'd make Bill Gates blush, the Squad Prime has an ulta-light woodcore and short effective edge that means you can downsize without compromising on control.

A real true-twin freestyle best .


Do you yearn for untracked descents and lonely peaks? If you do, the Völkl Untrac might not be bad company for your backountry missions.

Coming with a pre-mounted Voilé split kit, it's a beast of two-halves ready to take on the mountain. With a freeride hybrid profile combining the best of camber and rocker, it's a tough beast to crack with dampening and shock absorbing technology.

It also comes with custom made skins that fit to the board perfectly which is one less thing to think about before you head out and into the wild.


Whilst crossbreeding in humans has generally been decided by Scientists' to be bad, it's definitely a good thing in the Völkl Xbreed.

A shorter effective edge means the camber gives way to rocker on the tip and tail meaning a ride that'll consume whatever terrain you put at it.

Whilst it's a good whip when it comes to backcountry, we reckon this steed will come into its own in the park. A Fischer-Price version of the Squad Prime.


Another Völkl pre-packaged thrasher that's ready to go to the peaks and gulleys of the mountain unknown. The directional shape combined with a pre-mounted Voilé split kit mean you'll be having more fun with less hassle.

The wide nose floats above the powdery abyss whilst cambered profile underfoot means you can hold if you hit any hardpack. Should you hit some bumpy terrain, the TPU dampening will absorb the chatter in the deck and keep your knees doing the important work.


Another freestlye all-mountain killer for the ladies from Völkl comes in the form of the Steaze. The rockered profile mean you don't get caught up on the boxes, but the flat section between the feet mean you hold your own in the landings.

A long effective edge mean the hybrid shape will serve you well no matter what terrain you want to ride, or how you ride. It comes in a wide edition for the ladies with bigger feet, whilst not compromising on flex or stiffness.


Don't let the name fool you, the Alright is better than OK. The freeride stick is meant for the riders that just want pow laps all day, and once you've been on one of these, you'll be hardpressed to go back to hardpack.

Whilst some freeride sticks feel like oil tankers to turn, the directional shape gives you a short tail to snap into your turns - especially nifty for navigating trees.

The board comes with more pop than a kids birthday party thanks to the 4.0 tech which is a giant cross from tip to tail made of carbon that transfers all your energy into the board for a lively feel.


The Fastec Prime Alu is one of the easiest bindings to get to love on the market. Völkl's patented easy entry technology means you'll be secure and ready to go in a jiffy. The asymmetric highback works with the natural flex to ensure you get the most poked nose bones possible.

The EVA cushioned sole helps avoid those pesky bruised heels whilst the aluminium chassis ensures all of your efforts are put into the board.


If you're undecided on whether you want to try rear-entry, the Völkl Strap Tech binding is a good choice for first timers, without the pain of making a bad mistake.

The soft highback means it's a comfortable experience whether you're a season veteran looking for a looser feel, or a beginner that prefers things a bit tighter.

Whilst you can treat the binding as rough as you like, we'd say this is more suited to those looking for a new adventure in their progression.

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