Volcom have been stalwarts of the snowboard scene for many decades now - their products have and continue to sit upon the shoulders of some of the greats. We took a whirl around their 2016 offerings to see what they've been crafting over the last 12 months.

A company born from the feeling of fresh powder, a young Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall sculpted a company that wanted its design to reflect the feeling of carving the deep bottomless powder of Tahoe.

With $5000 dollars burning a hole in their pocket gifted from Richard’s Dad, they began designing their first range of clothing, which resulted in a revenue of $2600 in the first year of sales. Luckily for us, they got a damn lot better at the whole clothing malarkey in the years to come.

Some of the most iconic shredders of our times have graced or still grace the rider list for Volcom. It came as a wee bit of a surprise to the industry that in 2011, Volcom accepted an offer from the Kering Group to buy the company in a friendly takeover. Despite Kering owning brands like Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Puma and Stella McCartney, the company is still forging its own path through business. Some things never change…

Volcom didn't have a catalogue with their products in, so whilst we'll do our best to recall hazy conversations, there might be a fair waffle about colour...sozzles.

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The Volcom Stretch jacket is part of their super technical Gore-Tex range for the forthcoming season. With 3 layers of fabric with more membrane than a high school biology lesson, the jacket'll keep you dry and cool under the collar not matter the conditions.

Taking a whirl on the wheel of primary colours, it either comes in what we like to call 'fishermans yellow' or the blue you can see on the left on the shot.


The Stone is the second in the roster of super tech jackets from Volcom for the coming season. As with the stretch, it comes with a 3 layered Gore-Tex treated fabric that'll stop moisture from coming in, but allow sweat through meaning you don't end up wearing a Finnish sauna.

With Zip-Tech, you can attach your jacket to your pants to make a onesie that's actually good to keep any neige from making its way into your get up


The Shot has another shot at greatness for the 2016 season with a revamp worthy of its own fly-on-the-wall documentary. The jacket comes with a flannel lining that'll caress your skin and whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

In terms of styling, it remains almost unchanged from last year apart from a dip into the pool of black and white.


The Patch is effectively a patch in the chink of your outerwear armour. Not quite hoodie weather, but don't need a super tech jacket cramping your style? Well, the Patch fills that gap. The V-Science oxford fabric reps an 8k/8k rating, but a smidgen of insulation to keep you toasty when the mercury plummets.


This is a jacket. It is from Volcom. It's maroon or burgandy, depending on which colour you like. It has a hood. It has a zip. It is prized by Monks in Tibet. It has pockets.

We can't remember much about this jacket. We're sorry. We also may have made one of those points up (definitely isn't a jacket).


The second incarnation of the Volcom Guide jacket is shaping up to be a doozey. The Gore-Tex membrane will keep you drier than a Saharan explorer, whilst the dynamic fit allows you to shake, rattle and roll to your hearts content without the jacket riding up.

A flannel lining on the back of the jacket and a mesh lined zipper vents grace the inside of the garment, whilst taped seams make the jacket a ry-suit of the snowboard world. A jacket ready for any terrain you throw at it.


Emmit had a mitt,

because with wet and cold hands he felt like a twit.

With a leather like finish he felt the bit,

because the team from Volcom knew their kit.

They knew Emmit would be a hit,

due to all the sideways standers being fit.

Even though they liked to sit,

whilst they created their hit.



The Captain jacket from Volcom will put you in the pilots seat with a 15k/10k rating that'll help you weather any seas. With a small smattering of insulation, it'll keep you warm even when navigating the most Northerly terrain.


If you're a lady that gets the chills in any conditions, you might want to take a look at the Bolt jacket from Volcom. With more insulation than a 1950's council estate, you'll be on fire all-day.

You don't compromise on fit either, the jacket comes in a slim-ish fit so you don't look like you've got a pillow stuffed down your jacket either.


Errr....another jacket we can't really remember that much about. Looks sick though? Who doesn't like owls? Oh wait, that's most of the Middle East....shit.