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After Vans took a break from producing snowboard boots for a season, they're back in the game for 2015/2016 and things are looking mighty fine.

Due to an unforeseen factory closure, the company was forced to make the heavy decision of whether to risk the delivery of products that may lack performance or sit out a season and come back with the usual high quality products in the coming one.

In a wise manner, they optioned for the latter, and now that the new season is approaching fast, it'e time to take a closer look at what will be next season's the tech scoop.


With Vans being the original Boa brand leader, their new boot line is nothing short of the teched out lacing system, offering various different options of Boa to fit every type of rider's needs.

It provides custom fit without pressure points, that will stay in place once it's locked in without loosening up while riding. When you're on the fly, it's super easy to adjust the boots with one hand and thanks to the multiple zone and hybrid options there are countless options for fine-tuning serving all the different riding preferences.

Vans also dishes out a life-time warranty for its Boa Closure System, that won't even wear out over time when wet, so go out and send it to the moon!

Boa Lacing

Custom Focus:

- Men's & Women's Aurora Boot

Two reels control three zones of closure linked by the patent pending Custom Slide Guide providing concentrated closure at the instep for superior heel hold.


- Men's Infuse & Implant

The Hybrid Boa configuration combines traditional laces with Boa closure focused on the critical instep area of the boot. It laces the boots tighter and provides for easy on-the-fly adjustments. The Custom Slide Guide enables further customization of fit and flex.


- Men's & Women's Encore

A spring-loaded lace spool automatically retracts lace cable slack to ensure fast and efficient closure with this tongue-mounted single reel system. To optimise closure force within all areas of the boot the system provides different lace guide radiuses.

customization a

The original Hybrid System featuring the Custom Slide Guide

- Infuse, Implant, Men's & Women's Aura

When it comes to Vans boots, you can be sure that there's plenty ways to fully customize your boot. With an anatomical shape the Custom Slide Guide pimps out the instep area for more comfort and strong heel hold that you can adjust to your needs.

customization b

The Reach Around

- V-66, Implant, Sequal

Don't worry, this is definitely not just your big ol' standard cuff strap. The Reach Around is attached to the inside shell of the boot and can be used on the internal liner as well as the exterior tongue to get the best out of fit and response with where you wrap it around.

customization d

Flex Control System

- Men's Infuse, Sequal

The removable Hytrel tongue stiffeners gives you the option of switch up the flex of your boot. Putting in both of the stiffeners gives you ultimate support, while you can adjust either the lateral or medial response by just adding one of them. If the flex of your boot softens up over the season you can add the stiffeners and thus regaining some of the flex.

customization c

Tongue Lock Down

- V-66, Sequal

Further secure your heel hold by pulling the tongue down to make sure that heel lift is a thing of the past.

customization e

Custom Fit Liners

- All of the boots, yay

Heat-moldable liners give you the perfect out-of-the-box fit and max out comfort and support of your feet. Let the nifty Vans developers with decades of experience make sure your tootsies taken care of with a specific shell and liner that will keep them happy and healthy. The integrated X-cage ankle overlay works in harmony with the bone and ligament structure of ankle and lower leg so it perfectly aligns your foot's anatomy for full-on heel hold.


This boot is nothing short of tech-ed out while still maintaining its sick looks - and don't worry about the leather getting wet because it is Full Grain Waterproof-Treated!


- Vans Hybrid Boa Closure System with Custom Slide Guide

- Flex Control System

- Power Cuff Strap

- Instep Flex Zones

- Pleasure Cuff Internal Support Harness

- Heat Retaining Temperature Shield

- Double-Posted Gripping Lace Hooks

- One-Way, Waterproof, Breathable Valves


The V-66 is for sure one of the sickest looking Vans boots of the season and has been a rider favourite for many years now, to fine-tune those park and jib skills.


- Premium Materials

- Pleasure Cuff

- Reach Around Cuff Strap

- Tongue Lock Down System

- Heat Retaining Temperature Shield

- Internal Wrap Harness

- Double-Posted Gripping Lace Hooks


Another one of Vans' classics - the Encore will make sure that girls around the globe can make the absolute best of their riding skills. Watch out for some sick tie-dye with the Galaxy model.


- Vans Boa Coiler System

- Pleasure Cuff

- Instep Flex Zones

- Internal Web Harness

- Heat Retaining Temperature Shield