Technine Mixed Snowboards 2014-2015_

[splitpost intro="true"]Onboard got you all a first look at what Technine will be dropping on the board and binding front for the 2014/14 winter season. Check it out...

Technine established themselves way back in the day for producing solid snowboard bindings and promoting them with a unmistakably urban slant – namely filling their graphics, ads and videos with guns, gold and gangstas. Of course they're still running a killer line of two-strappers, but over the past few seasons Technine have branched out to include snowboards to their product range, and with a stellar cast of some of the heaviest jibbers in the game on their books, the stuff's been going strong.

The first thing we noticed when we swung by was for 14/15 they have a binding that brings the lowback back. Big in the early to mid 90s, lowbacks became popular as jibbing emerged as a popular part of side sliding, but were quickly shelved when riders started hitting bigger jumps. But for snowboarders feeling the kind of shredding many of the Technine team are famed for, these will give some extra skate-like movement.

There's also a bunch of cool gear to celebrate the brand's 20th anniversary, like the TN 14, which has a flexible insert disc, two-piece highback and heaps of cushioning to enhance tweak- and press-ability, plus there are some killer looking pro model snowboards from the likes of Dylan Thompson, Andrew Brewer and Chris Bradshaw to name but three.

So, slip down the rabbit's hole and have a glimpse at what you can expect to see from Technine for the 2014/15 winter season...

[part title="Technine Dylan Thompson Pro Model Snowboard 20th Anniversary Booth 2014/15"]

Technine 20th Anniversary Bindings Snowboard 2014-2015_

20th Anniversary goods from Technine, including Dylan Thompson's über bling pro model board, plus lowback bindings.

[part title="Technine Lowback Bindings 2014/15"]

Technine Low Back Bindings 2014-2015_

Yep, Technine are bringing the lowback back!

[part title="Technine Pro Model Snowboards 2014/15"]

Technine Snowboards 2014-2015_

An overview of some of the Technine pro mode snowboards for 2015.

[part title="Technine TN 14 Bindings 2014/15"]

Technine TN 14 Binding 2 2014-2015_

The pimp daddy TN14 binding. Check the split in the highback to give extra flex.

[part title="Technine Andrew Brewer Pro Model Snowboard 2014/15"]

Technine Brewer Pro Snowboard 2014-2015_

Possibly the best board graphic we saw at the tradeshow, Andrew Brewer paid homage to the Life Aquatic with Steve Zizou for his 2015 steed.

[part title="Technine Snowboard Bindings 2014/15"]

Technine T9 Bindings Snowboard 2014-2015_

Technine bring the colour to their two strappers for 2015. Here's some strong looking ones.

[part title="Technine Chris Bradshaw Pro Model Snowboard 2014/15"]

Technine Bradshaw Pro Snowboard 2014-2015_

Chris Bradshaw likes nature and natural remedies, and that is what his pro model is adorned with. If you're thinking our Online Ed has been tasting Bradshaw's medicine we can assure you that's NOT the case...

[part title="Technine Lucas Magoon Pro Model Snowboard 2014/15"]

Technine Magoon Pro Snowboard 2014-2015_

Lucas Magoon's pro model board features a... erm... actually we have no idea what the hell that is. Gooner, is that a gas bat?

[part title="Technine Dylan Thompson Bindings 2014/15"]

Technine TN dylan thompson Bindings 2014-2015_

Dylan Thompson's pro model Technine binding for 2015 is not only bombproof as you'd expect, it also features a wingbacked highback for extra leverage when pressing or spinning 450 off some evil closeout of doom.