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The ISPO onslaught goes on and on, this time it's the turn of SP Gadgets, and their nifty offerings for the POV camera of choice for tens of thousands of action sports enthusiasts across the world. The SP Gadgets team has a heavy roster of riders that capture their every move across the world, and the 2015 2016 line up of products doesn't disappoint.

On a side note here, we think it's really cool that the POV camera market has spawned so many new companies developing and creating new products to make the experience of them better. Who would have thought that 10 years ago there would be things called *'selfie sticks', and that they'd be a common sight not only on mountains and breaks, but cities and monuments as well.

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*Disclaimer: We hate the name selfie stick.


Whilst out initial thoughts on the bar mount was that it sounded like some sort of device that would keep us attached to the bar no matter how many steins/demis/pints we'd drunk, we soon realised that this bar mount was for cameras. Damn.

Anyway, we digress - the bar mount allows your GoPro to attach your action camera to any cylindrical object between 23mm-33mm. You can also angle your GoPro in increments of 6 degrees, meaning less guy in the sky and more spotlight shots.


With the SP Gadgets Elite Case, you can be the James Bond of the action camera world. You know those bits where he rolls up with a badass suitcase with lasers and stuff? Yep, this is pretty much the equivalent but for normal people.

With more storage options than the wardrobe that takes you to Narnia, the case comes with a soft padded lining to keep your gear safe despite any knocks and bumps they might get in transit.


For all of your subterranean needs and wants is the POV Light from SP Gadgets. Not only does it provide with a cornea shrinking 300 lumens of light, but it's directly attachable to your GoPro for ease of use.

It's not only waterproof up to 40m, but also has multiple light modes meaning you can change the brightness depending on conditions and needs.

With a 20 hour battery life at 60 lumes, your enthusiasm for filming will probably run out before the batteries do...


Half pole, half tripod; the POV tripod grip from SP Gadgets is breaking boundaries on every level. The short handle of the grip means it's super durable for heaps of different shots, and then when you're looking for something a little less jittery, the handle splits into three different segments like a tripod.

It also had an adjustable ballhead/pivot on the top to tweak your angles as you please!


SP Gadgets have designed a nifty little attachment called the Smart Mount that allows you to mount a whole host of different upgrades to your existing POV pole pictured above with the wireless GoPro controller, you can also attach your phone to the same attachment, which when linked via WiFi with your GoPro means you can see what you're filming as you're going along.

We truly do live in an age of innovation.


Make Inspector Gadget blush with the Smart Pole and Remote from SP Gadgets. The Smart Pole is your one stop shot for POV excellence, combining the features of a POV pole for added stability whilst filming, and the ease of use of the remote mount which is accessible just a thumb reach away.

As with the Tripod Grip Mount, it comes with a 360 degree swivel head which allows you to fine tune your angle without adjusting the attachment of the GoPro its self.

The pole is available in both a 23 inch and 39 inch model, depending on your preference.


Here you see the fruits of the 21st century. Gone are the days of returning home to find out all you've filmed is a misty Blair Witch style day of powder shredding.

When you combine the WiFi function on your smartphone with the Smart Pole from SP Gadgets, what you have is a real-time feed of what your filming, when your filming it.

Whilst we're not entirely sure how keen we'd be to have our phone attached to a pole when sending it down a gully, we reckon this is bang on for park laps.