Published in Onboard Magazine Issue 120, February 2011



While we’ve focused on the art used for snowboard graphics in previous issues, we decided to shake things up a bit at the peak of the season to

tell you the skinny on the Pirates Movie Productions Art Book.

Every crew has at least one ‘art-fag’, scribbling and sketching wherever they go and on anything they pass. This phenomenon is not a rare one in the sideways moving scene. “Snowboarding and art are related" explains Pirates Art Captain, Tobias “Ludschi" Ludescher. “When you’re snowboarding or drawing you’re in the same mindset - you don’t think, you just do."


Ludschi knows what he’s talking about as he belongs to that mindset himself – as well as photography he used to do board graphics – and had his first work published in Onboard ten years ago. Four years later, together with fellow shredhead and Pirate Gigi Rüf, he had the idea to create a little art magazine to distribute amongst their friends. They then had the idea it might actually interest a lot more people and so they spontaneously decided that instead of stapling the collages together by hand as originally planned, it would be a nice idea to integrate it into the Pirate Movie Productions’ DVD and spread the love among all the pirates in the big shred sea.


While it was mainly works of Ludschi and Gigi in the fi rst Art Book, they involved more and more people over the following years, be it riders like Prince of Darkness Danny Larsen (who’s first contribution were “a bunch of weird drawings on an old greasy Pizza carton," says Ludschi remembering his surprise), design collective Papriko that are living and working in Tokyo, artist Claudia Marclay, snowboard über snapper Blotto and many more. This colourful collection of different styles, backgrounds, and techniques accounts for the Art Book’s unique look.


Particularly unique is also the way the sponsoring brands are integrated into the book. Instead of using regular ads, the riders specially create a page for their sponsor that range from a simple shot of them with some doodles (Ludschi’s “signature" design) to delicate drawings from Danny Larsen and Marco Feichter for K2 and Ride.

For those more deeply involved, Ludschi organised something special in the preparation for Hooked: the Isolation Camp. “It was an old idea of mine to do a creative camp and so this summer we invited a bunch of musicians and artist buddies to my hometown in the Vorarlberg to spend a week cut off from the real world to be productive together, jam, draw and have a good time," he remembers. Being in such a creative environment is something all of the participants deeply enjoyed and used productively.


“In skateboarding the connection between art and board riding is still a lot more obvious. It got a bit lost in snowboarding, and with the Art Book I’m trying to push and bring it back a bit," was how Ludschi summed it up: And from Onboard’s perspective he is succeeding. If you’re interested to see more of the Pirates artwork, check their blog for the next exhibition. They have already had shows in Barcelona, Paris, Moscow and Vienna.

For details check out the Pirate Movie Production website.