Smokin Snowboards Back To The Woods 2014-2015

Smokin Jay (AKA Jay Quintin) kicked of Smokin snowboards in the '96-'97 winter over in Truckee, California. They're one of the survivors, and are still going strong as a rider run American built brand seventeen years later.

Their homegrown factory builds snow and skateboards with the best materials they can get their hands on - and as the only other company with a licence to use Lib Tech's magnetration, they're packing tech too! This year they've been mucking around even more with the asymmetrical shapes introduced last season - and as ever there's plenty of choice when it comes to camber/rocker options!

Firm believers in giving back, the Smokin team are supporting a whole bunch of riders across the scene - and their current pro team includes: Lane Knaack, Kyle Clancy, Max Weinberger, Colin Langlois, Jeff Kramer, Corey Noble, Joakim Rasmussen, Sakari Lahdesmaki, Jake Rose and Jordan Wells.

Be sure to watch out for their regular edits, like this Smokin in Japan one:

[part title="Jetson Snowboard"]

Smokin Snowboards Back To The Woods 2014-2015

Pretty topical graphic after that Huvr Board spoof went around this week... This is a much more realistic idea for the future of snowboarding. Early rise tips with camber underfoot, shortened sidecuts and long bends - the Jetson is designed to take freeride to the next level.

[part title="Back To The Woods Series"]

Smokin Snowboards Back To The Woods Series 2014-2015

Pow Wow (Left) Jetson (Right)

Both these two and the Pow Wow Split are part of the Back To The Woods 'Future Free Ride' series, designed to blur the lines between groomed hard pack and the wild of the backcountry.

The Pow Wow (see below for the video) is the basis of this series, with an early rise rockered nose and camber tail. Quick edge to edge and effortless pop - this twist on the traditional powder still is meant to take it to all terrain.

[part title="Lane Knaack, Nial Romanek Annialator Pro, Team Ltd., Team, MIP, Big Wig, Hooligan, Fawesymmetrical"]

Smokin Snowboards 22014-2015

From left to right - Lane Knaack, Nial Romanek Annialator Pro, Team Ltd., Team, MIP, Big Wig, Hooligan, Fawesymmetrical

A nice selection of Smokin's Jib and Park flex boards - worth pointing out in these lot is the new women's Fawesym, designed to mirror their mens equivalent which came in last year. Also the Team boards in the middle - team is what Smokin is all about...

[part title="Superpark, Superpark LTD, KT-22, Buck Ferton"]

Smokin Snowboards 3 2014-2015

Left To Right: Superpark, Superpark LTD, KT22, Buck Ferton

Chances are, if you know about Smokin snowboards, you've heard of the Superpark already - if you haven't, we reckon you can guess what that one's designed for. The limited edition features three lovely ladies this year, who appear to be puffing away on something hazy...

As for the KT22 - that takes the title for Smokin's longest running model, named after a squaw valley lift it's PACKED full of features. And the Buck-Ferton (we'll let you figure out where the name comes from) has come back to life this year with a three new sizes for larger riders.

[part title="Vixen, Vixen LTD, PYT and Pow Wow Split"]

Smokin Snowboards 2014-2015

Starting with the third from the left - these three central boards are built for the ladies - the Vixen, Vixen LTD, and PYT. And then finally the Pow Wow Split finished off on the right.

The Vixen has got plenty of Good Wood clout and is a tailored women's board that packs as much punch as any of the top guys rides. And the LTD edition as always is saved for only the super loyal retailers. Then there's the PYT (Pretty Young Thing) which fills the jib stick category - designed to be a super easy ride.

Finally the Pow Wow Split - which is built on the original Pow Wow, but with an extra magnetraction wiggle down the middle. This one closes out the 'Future Free Ride' series by breaking down the final barrier for unreached terrain - getting up the damn thing in the first place.

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