Small Foot is a young start up company, based in Bulgaria. Founded four years ago by Petar Dimitrov- designer, inventor and freerider. He got stuck in deep powder on a backcountry freeride. After struggling his way out from this life threatening situation he was determined to be prepared when entering the wilderness. He was surprised to find out that there was nothing suitable on the market – all the options were not freeride friendly, bulky and heavy to carry. The idea of Small Foot shaped up and started its way out to the public. With lots of enthusiasm and consistency he started developing prototypes, experimenting with materials and testing the new product - inflatable snowshoes.

The positive reaction from people convinced Petar that Small Foot snowshoes do have true potential. He sent out a pair to ISPO Brand New Awards and made it to the final in the “Innovative products" category. Attending ISPO turned to be a difficult task for “a one-man show" what Peter was at this time but he fought his way to the top. He got on the bus to Germany altogether with the award-winning prototypes and the booth equipment. The interest to the inflatable snowshoes at the famous trade fair was enormous and encouraged Petar to keep developing the idea.

SmallFoot Snowshoes - fit in a bag when not in use but give you the float you need when hiking.

Currently Small Foot snowshoes are a product that has proved its concept. The inflatable snowshoes have been tested on field by the Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Team and they found them significantly more maneuverable than regular snowshoes and ideal for (avalanche) rescue operations. The Bulgarian Antarctic Institute has also approved the product.

Small Foot received great interest from survival schools, military and rescue organizations from all over the world. The past 2014 was really rewarding for Small Foot - 1st place for “Innovative idea of the year 2014" at the b2b Media’s annual awards in Bulgaria. Also honored to receive an award for most "Innovative company of 2014" by the president of Bulgaria himself.


The advantages of Small Foot inflatable snowshoes are numerous:

- compact;

- ultra light;

- 360 maneuverability;

- comfortable;

- natural movement;

- compatible with all winter shoes and boots;

- versatile: for all winter activities;

- heel lift system;

- floatable;

- safe descending downhill.

- easy to use;

- durable;

- perfect traction and control;

Small Foot has gone a long way from its start, but yet this innovative idea could become mass winter product if a certain financial boost becomes reality. The company has done a step forward launching a crowdfunding campaign, so make sure you check them out on Kickstarter!