Skullcandy Crusher Headphones 2014-2015_

[splitpost intro="true"]Skullcandy have been doing it to your earhole for over a decade now, and 2015 looks set to be another solid year for the headphone masters. Check the highlights of their range...

Based out of Park City, Utah, Skullcandy were pretty much the first headphone brand to realise that you could tailor such a product towards the action sports market, have it endorsed by big name riders and flog an absolute ton of them.

From their original hands free LINK system, they quickly expanded their range to include earbuds, ear cans, and a bunch of other models that can now be seen sported by snowboarders, skaters, DJs and Joe Bloggs on the street.

For 2015, the big news is they've gone all in and recruited legendary skateboarder Eric Koston, who now boasts a tailored range of snakeskinned Skullcandy kit, plus their celebrated Crusher line gets expanded and a tailored girls' line is now in the offering too.

Have a butchers at some of their highlights for 2015...

[part title="Skullcandy Crusher Headphones 2014/15"]

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones 2 2014-2015_

The Skullcandy Crusher now comes in more colourways than ever before and still has the bass you can feel - not only are the low tones pumped, the headphones vibrate to give you that in-club buzz.

[part title="Skullcandy Eric Koston Range 2014/15"]

Skullcandy Eric Koston Stand 2 2014-2015_

Eric Koston is a badass. Here's his badass Skullcandy collection.

[part title="Skullcandy Women's Navigator 2014/15"]

Skullcandy Navigator Headphones 2014-2015_

Women's specific Skullcandy Navigator headphones - everything from the shape to the fit to the audio output has been engineered with girls' physiology in mind.

[part title="Skullcandy Eric Koston Crusher Headphones 2014/15"]

Skullcandy Crusher Eric Koston Headphones 2014-2015_

Skullcandy's Ida gets a bass boost from the Koston Crusher.