Terry Kidwell, in partnership with SIMS Snowboards, is proud to reintroduce the limited edition 1985 SIMS Kidwell Roundtail 1550 – known as the snowboard that kicked off the freestyle snowboarding.

In 1985, SIMS Snowboards made history by releasing the first ever snowboard designed to be ridden both forwards and backwards, opening the door to skateboard influenced snowboarding. According to snowboarding legend Todd Richards, “Before Terry's forward thinking freestyle influence, snowboarding was heading down a race course in spandex." Snowboarding never looked back, and today, every snowboard can trace its roots back to this original design.

The reissue snowboard will be released on September 1st, as a limited edition, built with the original construction with the original SIMS five hole pattern with metal skegs. Another version with the 4-hole pattern will also be made available. Both boards are manufactured as close to the original as possible and feature a six ply horizontal lamination construction.


In addition to the SIMS Kidwell Roundtail 1550 being the first freestyle snowboard ever produced, it was also snowboarding’s first ‘pro model’ snowboard. According to Snowboarder Magazine Creative Director Pat Bridges, “The first signature model pushed snowboard design forward by enabling advanced riders to go backwards and the tricks he pioneered remain the mainstay of every stylish riders repertoire. I for one am looking forward to strapping in on one of these and reliving the childhood that I wish I had."

The original SIMS 5 hole pattern with metal skegs will be limited to 155 boards. Both boards will be hand made by Paul Schmitt close to the original Southern California factory that introduced the first board. For more information or to pre-reserve a board, contact Terry Kidwell directly at kidwellterry@sbcglobal.net.

Photos: www.budfawcett.com and Aaron Blatt