It's day three of ISPO 2015 and the cracks are beginning to show. Nonetheless, Henry Jackson is back with another first look - this time with the team from Shred Optics. We've got an in-depth preview of their 2016 offerings here if Shred have tickled your fancy.

American downhill skier Ted Ligety started Shred back in 2006. If that name rings a bell, you may have seen it come up in articles relating to the ongoing ‘FIS vs WST’ debate (he’s been a longtime critic of the former, prompting supporters of the latter to cite him in their arguments). His company’s output has gained popularity beyond the world of the lycra-clad, with Romain Di Marchi and Pat Burgener among its sponsored snowboarders.

Romain Di Marchi has been honoured with his own pro model this year. In a collaboration between YES snowboards and Shred Optics, they look killer for killer riders.