Salomon Man Board Assassin Sabotage Vilain Salomonder Snowboards 2014-2015

French company Salamon are one of the biggest names out there when it comes to sports equipment - and since they started their snow department in 1995, their reliable quality, range and innovation has helped them build a ridiculously strong name for themselves.

Nowadays, you'll see their boards under the feet of Louif Paradis, Jed Anderson, Bode Merrill, Desiree Melanchon, Wollie Nyvelt, Jamie Nicholls, the list goes on, and on, and on...

Offering a full range of hardware - they've built boards and bindings that are designed to combine (see image above); boots and splitboards, powder surfers and rockered noodles that are a tonne of fun to ride.

This year they're hitting us with their new four way split board, fresh designs on some household names, and some of the most tech bindings you'll see on the market today. Throw them together with a couple of new look boots and you've got a bloody good collection of kit.

Check out the whole lot here:

[part title="Sabotage Snowboard"]

Salomon Sabotage Snowboard 2014-2015

Charge through the park with this at your feet and Beastie Boys in your cans, and you're bound to be happy! Designed for UK ripper Jamie Nicholls and with the Hologram bindings in mind - it's built for big kickers but playful enough to press through the rails. Park board heaven.

[part title="Villain and Salomonder Snowboards"]

Salomon Villain Snowboard 2014-2015


Louif Paradis' board of choice - this hybrid-camber, jib and freestyle board is looking sick as usual!


This badass jib specialist has the backing of Jed Anderson and Chris Grenier! Flat profile and hardened tips to take the hard knocks of the streets - this is built for seeking out unridden spots and laying down your claim.

[part title="Split, Sickstick, Derby & Pillow Talk"]

Salomon Split Sickstick Derby Pillow Talk Snowboard 2014-2015

Split (Left)

Split-boarding with three options for different styles, 147, 156 and 163 options to take you from tight trees to hard charging lines. Looking tight with the plain black graphic too!

Sickstick (Middle-Left)

Papa bear says go shred - and you'd better pay attention with this iconic shape powder and slush charger from Salomon.

Derby (Middle-Right)

Japanese powder inspired floating slasher, back in this bold red colourway this year. Just incase there's so much spray that you can't see your nose.

Pillow Talk (Right)

New to the line - and we'll hazard a guess and say this is made for riding pilllow runs... possibly...

[part title="Salomon Quantum Bindings"]

Salomon Quantum Snowboard Bindings White 3 2014-2015

Oof, carbon highback and the comfort and freedom of Salomon's Shadowfit - but with full support for big powder runs. Take these into the backcountry and you won't regret it!

[part title="Premiere Split Snowboard"]

Salomon Premiere Split Snowboard 5 2014-2015

We actually got a sneak peak at this one around mid-january, and you can check our previous article for full details on the Premiere 4 Way Split Board. For now we'll just say that this design is rad - a three way split with a central plank that folds in half to pack down easily, and plenty of little adjustments so you can adapt to any terrain.

[part title="Man Board"]

Salomon Man Board Snowboard 2 2014-2015

Stop any guy on the street and they'll tell you, chick's in chain-mail bikinis, swords and white tiger's are the key to a man's heart. This directional twin is Bode's Merrill's board of choice for the backcountry after-all, and what a ripper he is!

Salomon Launch Snowboard Boots Grey 2 2014-2015

Good looking boots that don't break the bank and still have quality at their heart. These mid flex park and freestyle boots look fresh with street inspired style. Zonelock for precision and traditional lacing make for a great comfort fit too.

Salomon Launch Snowboard Boots 2 2014-2015

[part title="Hologram Bindings"]

Salomon Hologram Snowboard Bindings Green 2 2014-2015

Heavy hitting freestyle bindings with a mid flex that is designed for control. These also incorporate dampening that will take the edge off those huge landings you're sticking - so there's no reason not to land bolts.

Salomon District Snowboard Bindings Orange 2014-2015
Salomon District Snowboard Bindings 2 2014-2015
Salomon Defender Snowboard Bindings 3 2014-2015

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