Born from father-brand Quiksilver in 1990, Roxy was originally in the surf wear market until 1997 when they expanded into their first snow wear line. As one, if not the first, company to be dedicated exclusively to female clothing, sales rocketed and they quickly found themselves as the leader of the women in boardsports market.

Fast-forward to 2003 and Roxy had developed their own line of snowboards in collaboration with brother company Mervin Manufacturing. With the hardware expertise of Mervin and a stellar team, Roxy Snowboards quickly became a bestseller in snowboard shops across the globe.

The Roxy team has always been some of the finest talent in snowboarding. Olympian and the first female to attempt double inverts Torah Bright has been on Roxy since her first season as a professional snowboarder. Our very own Aimee Fuller and Katie Ormerod have been repping Roxy since the beginning of their careers as well.


Roxy's Inspire is a snowboard for girls that comes in with a true twin soft rocker for an easier learning curve in the early days.

Packing tech like Mervin's Magne-Traction, it'll feel at home all over the mountain, and help push through to intermediate level riding. The BTX tech offers plenty of stability for landings and pop too.


On a similar level to the Inspire, but in adult sizes, the Sugar Banana shares many characteristics with its little sister.

A true twin rocker board, designed for all mountain fun - it's bound to be fun and jibby with bevelled catch-free edges and a soft flex. Again, suitable for beginner to intermediate riders.


Step up again, and you're still in the Rocker/True Twin range, but this time it's something just a little bit more special.

A medal winner under the feet or Kjersti Buaas - it's been made to carry you through from beginner to pro level, and utilises the best bits of a BTX profile to make it a great all rounder.


With two very different graphics (above and below) Roxy's Torah Bright XOXO is a secondary pro model for the smiliest woman in snowboarding.

With an asymmetric twin shape and hybrid camber, and mid flex, it's the less intense of the two models that she's put her name to.


Sticking with a mountainous theme on the top-sheet - the Roxy Radiance is back for another year.

With a hybrid C2BTX profile - rocker between the inserts, camber underfoot - it's a mid flexing all mountain board that's meant to have a silky smooth ride to it, as well as high performance when it comes to freestyle.


The Roxy Banana Smoothie has gained a fresh new smokey topsheet and a pointy nose and tail to make it stand out going into next season.

Underneath, its a true twin tree charger, with a hybrid EC2BTX profile that is meant for response as well as float. All mountain capable, it's by no means a one-trick-pony, and those Magnetraction edges will cut through any terrain the mountain throws at you.


You can see the full Roxy Torah Bright set up on show here, with the bindings which we'll describe in more detail later.

The board, as we already mentioned, is the stiffer and more aggressive of her two pro models, and features a true twin shape and a hybrid XC2 BTX rocker profile.

A speedy Sintered base will give you all the charging power you need here - and it's meant to be super light too!


Roxy's Team Binding is an all mtn, mid stiff strap that's done it all. Found on the feet of Torah Bright (whose limited edition pro model you can see below) as well as Britain's own Aimee Fuller.

With an asymmetrical flex highback, super light-weight construction, and plenty of damping for those big hits, its perhaps no surprise that this set of straps is already a winner.

Did we mention - they come with tool-free adjustment too?


Roxy's mid-flexing all rounder - the Classics are an all mountain option that makes the whole journey a little bit easier.

They come with a speedy adjustable footbed, an asymmetrical highback that's anatomically tailored for women, and tool free adjustment across the straps and forward lean.


Made to pair up with the Inspire snowboard - the Rockit Ready is a soft-mid flexing all mountain binding.

Featuring a highback-dropping high-speed entry system, they're meant to tackle the hassle of strapping in with ease; and they even feature a pressure relieving button on the ankle strap for more relaxing rest stops.


The older sister to the Rockit Ready, the Rockit Dash prioritises fast and easy entry, while allowing for extra comfort with a pressure release button.

Made for the whole mountain - they're also mid-soft, with boot hugging 3D contoured ankle straps; and there's plenty of tool-free adjustment in here so you can get the fit just right.


Finally, at the top end of Roxy's Rockit range - the Power bindings are a mid-stiff all mountain strap that feature a more responsive take on the rear entry system.

With the same pressure release system - you can look forward more comfortable feet for longer without sacrificing performance when you need it; and an asymmetrical padded highback should allow you the tweak you need too.