There's no pinking and shrinking from Roxy. Kjersti Buaas's jacket hollers class.

[splitpost intro="true"]Sniff out some of the sweetest bits of Roxy outerwear and goggles for 2015 in our ISPO highlights post...

Roxy have been kitting out girls who rip for years, and 2015 looks like its shaping up to be another strong year for the female-specific arm of Quiksilver.

Whether you're the kind of girl who likes street-styled class or more technical-looking mountain apparel you can shred safe in the knowledge that the Roxy gear will take care of what's needed – both in terms of protection from the elements and making sure you look good at the same time.

Of course, a lot of the snow range is focussed on Torah Bright – the Aussie chica's not only headed to the Sochi Olympics for pipe (where she's the defending gold medallist) and slopestyle, she's even gone and qualified for boardercross too! – but there's also some slick gear crafted for Norwegian style mistress Kjersti Buaas, a smooth range of more freeride-styled mountainwear, some kit that will have snowbunnies happy and even some tasty goggles too.

And hence, without further ado, might we suggest you get your fingers clicking through some of the highlights from Roxy's 2014/2015 winter range...

[part title="Roxy Richmond Jacket 2014-2015"]

roxy richmond jacket 2014 2015

Stylish yet technical, the Roxy Richmond jacket from their Vintage Handcraft collection will tick all the boxes for 2015.

[part title="Roxy Torah Bright Influencer Down Jacket 2014-2015"]

roxy torah bright influencer down jacket 2014 2015

Next time we see her, we'll be giving Torah Bright several fists of nuff respect for doing that Olympic thing on three fronts. And for helping design this Roxy Influencer jacket, that we suppose she'll be riding in when the circus is done and dusted and she gets time to just cut loose in pow. It'll set you back €319 euro bucks.

[part title="Roxy Torah Bright Goggle"]

roxy torah bright goggles

We're not sure if this is actually called the Torah Bright goggle, but we do know it's the one she designed and that it also has some natty graphical detailing on the lens. Don't worry, you can't see it when you have 'em on your bonce.

[part title="Roxy Fresh Track Pant 2014-2015"]

roxy fresh track pant 2014 2015

Roxy's Fresh Track pants are geared more towards the womenfolk who like to hike off into the wilderness on the hunt for the goods. Tech, minimalist and will set you back €219.

[part title="Roxy Torah Bright Refined Pant 2014-2015"]

roxy torah bright refined pant 2014 2015

Torah Bright's Refined pant from Roxy's 2014-2015 range. The notes here say they're 'flowery', which they're not at all, and that they boast 10k waterproofness and breathability.

[part title="Roxy Kjersti Buaas Jacket 2014-2015"]

roxy kjersti buaas jacket 2014 2015

Face it. Kjersti Buaas has more style than most – be it on her board or in her outerwear design. Her 2015 Roxy jacket has a faux-wool liner to keep you toasty and 15k protection to make sure you're all comfy and shit. €279 will get you the cloak, but the gong farming Onboard editor in the background will cost you extra...