Take a look at RideOn: a new goggle concept recently launched on Indegogo, which promises to beam games, navigation info and more, directly onto your field of view inside your goggles, with full control using your sight. Proper sci-fi shit!

Have you ever wanted to turn your snowboarding experience into a live video game? Personally, we can't say we have, but virtual slalom does look pretty fun...

RideOn are a new company who have launched a new crowd-funding campaign on Indegogo for the first 'Augmented Reality' snowsports goggle.

The goggles allow you to interact with a floating user interface directly using your sight. Simply look up at the map icon at the top of your field of view and it will be selected.

The goggles work through your mobile device's 3G connection, although many of the functions such as the games, GPS style resort navigation and more, will supposedly also work offline.


"RideOn goggles are the world’s first true augmented reality (AR) goggles for skiing and snowboarding, with a see-­through display that projects AR layers and features on the snow as if they’re floating 15 feet in front of you."

'Won't that be super distracting/dangerous though?' we hear you ask. Well, according to RideOn, all of the really distracting visual elements are only displayed once you come to a stop, with only very minimal info displayed while riding.

RideOn Augmented Reality Goggles

It's definitely some proper tech stuff, although we have to admit that the goggles look quite chunky goggles and it could get annoying having to look up into the sky all the time to activate features.

And while some of these features are definitely pretty cool, and will no doubt generate significant interest, we can't help but feel like this is one technological step too far for our personal tastes. Whatever happened to just going snowboarding to get out into the mountains and away from your follower counts, emails and never-ending app updates?

Let us know what you think of this new technology in the comments section below.