ride helix 15

Ride Snowboards has just dropped its new, asymmetric freestyle stunt stick dubbed the Helix. It looks SICK, so get the lowdown here...

Read what we made of the Ride Helix when we tested it back in January.

It’s basic ergonomics that the toe and heelside of the body are different, why should your sidecuts be the same? The new Helix Snowboard offers perfect balance in the turn with different radii for each edge and allows you to get more out of your turns with less effort.

With a dedicated heel and toeside edge on this asymmetrical twin, it doesn’t matter if you’re goofy, regular or somewhere in-between. The Hybrid Twin shape, responsive Pop Rods® 2.0 core and smooth-riding Slimewalls® sidewalls give you a closely connected feel that at the end of the day, just feels right.