Ben Ferguson takes a run through the Red Bull Double Pipe with the new 'Trace' device attached to his board - a piece of tech that tracks your speed, airtime and other information and superimposes it onto footage captured with your GoPro.

Ever wanted to know how fast and high you're going on your snowboard, and see which particular hits those were in your video footage? Trace is a new Kickstarter-funded device that records data like your distance, altitude, airs and speed and can overlay that information over your GoPro footage.

Ben Ferguson took a run through the Red Bull Double Pipe and with his Trace attached to his board, and this video is the result.

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You connect Trace to your skis, board, or helmet, turn it on, and go. Trace connects to an app on your iPhone or Android where you can view your stats, see yourself improve, and share your accomplishments with friends.