[splitpost intro="true"]Get a glimpse of some of the Pro Tec helmets that will be dropping into stores in the 2014-15 season.

Pro Tec have been making impact protection since 1973, and after initially concentrating on skateboarding they expanded to include some killer shred-specific helmets in recent years.

2015 looks to be another strong year as they've deepened their range of women's and kids'-specific models and also brought out some super-tech, top end models with integrated Bluetooth headsets like the Ascent shown above.

They offer several models to choose from, some of which are super tech-looking, some of which are more skate-style, and there's even a model that has graphics which hark back to their classic 80s skate helmet - so sick.

Check some of the highlights of their 2014-15 winter range...

[part title="Pro Tec Women's Helmet 2014-2015"]

pro tec womens helmet 2014 2015

This women's specific Pro Tec lid has a military-styled visor, female-specific fit and a bunch of felt lining to make it comfy as hell.

[part title="Pro Tec Kids Helmets 2014-2015"]

pro tec kids helmets 2014 2015

A slice of Pro Tec's kids' range for 2015, with monsters, bunnys and what looks like a bogie designed one too. All things that kids go nuts for.

[part title="Pro Tec Helmets 2014-2015"]

pro tec helmets 2014 2015

More 2014 Pro Tec helmets.

[part title="Pro Tec Covert Helmet 2014-2015"]

pro tec covert helmet 2014 2015

The Pro Tec Covert helmet has a panel on the top that can be easily slid to adjust airflow.