POW Gloves have been claiming that their products are 'Built To Last' since they first cropped up back in 2002 - since then the brand has gone from strength to strength, becoming know for their build quality and trendy styling with each season's product release.

In 2010, Gore-Tex issued them a license to use to magic material in their line, and with many of their gloves and mittens using a blend of synthetic and organic materials, the brand pioneers durable quality that actually works!

And with a team featuring the likes of Manuel Diaz, Hana Beaman, Laura Hadar, Jesse Burtner, Chris Beresford and Max Warbington, you can be sure that their handwear excels in all terrain: park, powder and urban.


New in the line for 2015/16, the POW Vertex glove is purporting to be "the Mecca of the entire glove kingdom" - big words indeed.

But with a full leather shell and palm, plus a Gore-Tex insert and PrimaLoft insulation, if full finger movement in the deepest, darkest winter is what you're after when scouring the web for gloves t- this could easily be your next pair.


The Pow Tallac mittens hold back on hyper technical details, but instead concentrate on creating a stylish, lightweight mitt that'll perform in all but the very worst of conditions.

They sport leather palms with a nylon back that's been treated with DWR, and the liner is a combination of polyester micro-fleece and a HIPORA waterproof insert. The cuff is designed to go over your sleeve rather than snugly in it, so think overalls and bib-pant steeze with these.


The POW Tanto gloves come either in a traditional five finger configuration, or the slightly warmer but less practical trigger mitt, like a normal mitten but with an extra sleeve for your index finger. As with most POW gloves, the palm is made up of lovely, durable 'Grade A' leather - this journalist should know, as I own a pair myself.


A class leader, the POW Stealth GTX women's' snowboard gloves are slimline and lightweight, but full goatskin leather outers and a Gore-Tex inner mean that even in blizzarding conditions your extremities will be kept warm and toasty.

And if you're the type that wants to upload Instagram selfies in said blizzard, these work with a touchscreen! Hooray!


Park shapers and lifties are the ultimate test crew for a set off gloves - not only do they demand that they work in freezing temperatures at times whilst the rest of us are still sound asleep, they also need to have excellent grip, good manoeuvrability and enough strength that they won't fall apart at the seems a third of the way into the season.

The POW Royal GTX gloves are famous with mountain workers the world over, so you know these'll work whatever conditions you throw them in to. Fur lined, leather outers with Gore-Tex tech, they even come with a thumb wipe to scrub away snot, blood and tears during the toughest storm. At least your fingers will be warm...


The American North West's favourite beer for snowboarding, Pabst Blue Ribbon have teamed up with POW to create a workwear inspired snowboarding mitt. Damn stylish, the only problem we foresee is having to take them off the crack the next tin open, but by then you'll well and truly have your beer gloves on too!


Not only do POW cater for you, the old powder hound, they also have a line of colourful and well-performing kids' gloves, perfect for when your wee ones want to take up the shred!