Onboard are back from the ISPO 2014 tradeshow in Munich and have cruised the aircraft-hanger scale halls and scoured the product booths in search of all of the freshet new gear for next winter.

[splitpost intro="true" position="both"]If you're anything like us, you get pretty excited to check out what you'll be able to get your hands on next winter and we're hyped to bring you all of the latest product from one of snowboarding's most talked about brands: Nike Snowboarding.

Last season, Nike had their most successful winter yet, putting on events like the Snake and Hammers events and dropping an epic two-part team movie and web series called Never Not. If you haven't seen any of that project yet you're probably an alien or have just been camping out in a cave all year or something.

From what we've seen here at ISPO, Nike's product offering for next winter is looking as solid as ever and the brand are expanding their range into the eyewear market in 2015 with a series of sick looking Nike goggles. As always, they also have a full range of tidy looking snowboard boots and outerwear as well.

So what are you waiting for? Click through for a first look at the goods!

[part title="Nike Vapen Boots 2014/2015 "]

Nike Vapen Lime Green Blue Boots 2014-2015

Nike Vapen boots kick ass. Used by the majority of the Nike team, they're designed with a versatile freestyle focus: they're not so stiff that you can't do any tweaking but also offer plenty enough support to send it in the park and pipe.

As always, they're available in a whole bunch of different colour options ranging from the loud and poppy (like the lime green number above), to classic all-black if you're feeling stealthy:

Nike Vapen X Black Boots 2014-2015

Take a look at the video of these classy gold ones below for a closer look:

[part title="Nike Command and Fade Goggles"]

Nike Command 2 Goggles 2014-2015

Brand new for 2014/2015 is a full range of Nike goggles. Designed in collaboration with the eyewear geniuses at Dragon, you know these things are gonna be well built. The frameless ones above are called the Command goggles and look pretty badass if you ask us.

There's also an alternative retro-inspired cylindrical model called the Fade goggle:

Nike Fade 3 Goggles 2014-2015

[part title="Nike Zoom DK Boots 2014/2015"]

Nike Zoom DK Brown Boots 2014-2015

Danny Kass is a boss and his pro-model boot is pretty much everything that Danny is. Well built, good looking (#nohomo) and pretty damn wild.

Here's a closer look:

[part title="Nike Tech Flannel and Shacket Streetwear 2014-2015"]

Nike Tech Flannel and Shacket Streetwear 2014-2015

Streetwear inspired snowboard apparel is still all the rage with the kids these days and this Nike tech flannel and shacket certainly fit the bill.

[part title="Nike Kaiju Boots 2014/2015"]

Nike Kaiju Red and White Boots 2014-2015

The Nike Kaiju's are a high end boot designed for intermediate to advanced rippers looking for a supportive boot that they can rip all over the mountain. Expect an amazing fit, a fully heat-moldable liner and all the support you need to send it on your snowboard.

Oh, and you can't go wrong with that classic lace-up design either:

[part title="Nike Vapen X Boa"]

Nike Vapen X Boa Aqua Boots 2014-2015

Just like the original Vapen but fitted out with a boa lace-up system for those of you who are too lazy to tie your own laces. We're digging the aqua colour on these ones too.

Oh and look, if Buzz Lightyear had a pro model the Vapen X Boa boots below would be them. To infinity and beyond and all that...

[part title="Nike Facemask Hood 2014/2015"]

Nike Face Mask Hood Fluro Streetwear 2014-2015

More sweet looking technical apparel from the Swoosh. This one has an integrated facemask so you can keep your chin from freezing off if you're too G to snowboard with a jacket on. Alternatively, use it as a layer and you'll also be set if it's howling and puking out.

It's also available in grey if you're looking to keep your look a little more toned down next season:

[part title="Nike Lunarendor Boots 2014/2015"]

Nike Lunarendor Blue Boots 2014-2015

The Nike Lunarendor's blasted off this season as Nike's top of the range snowboard boot. Packed with tech and all the bells and whistles you could ever ask for, these are a pretty safe bet for anyone looking for the best that Nike have to offer your feet.