Sounds crazy, we know, but iconic Swiss stylemaster Nicolas Müller has never had a pro model snowboard... until now. The Müllair is a killer board. Nice job, Gnu!

Jordan’s got the shoe, Müller’s got the board. Hanging methods to the moon and nose buttering field lengths; years of timeless, undeniable style deem him worthy. Weird Science, advanced geometries, and Gnu’s EcoUnreal materials spawn Nicolas’ C3 camber directional dream board. His first ever pro model. The Müllair.


Gnu had the opportunity to catch up with their Staff photographer Tim Zimmerman on his way back from shooting Nicolas Müller on his first-ever pro model, the Müllair. Tim had recently hooked up with Nico who was finishing filming for his two year movie Fruition, slotted for November release. While the Northern Hemisphere soaked in the sweat of the summer sun, Nicolas and Zimm's snow compass pointed south. To the plentiful snow pack of the Chilean Andes they traveled for Southern Froth. Gain perspective from both sides of the lens in Zimmerman's photo journal of their journey.


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