Rainbows - not everyone can pull them off. Halldor can.

As winter is just around the corner, Eiki and Halldor Helgason are proud to present the new Hoppipolla Fall/Winter 2015 Collection.

Hoppipolla Rk1 Park-Shark by Stale Sandbech and Alek Oestreng

Key pieces of the new line includes signature models from Eiki, Halldor, Stale Sandbech and Alek Oestreng. And don't forget to check out the “RK1 Park-Shark", designed by Stale and Alek.

Doing S&M while wearing this hat is an option, not an obligation.

“I have never been so proud of anything in my entire life…I hope you like it too! yeah!" - Halldor Helgason, about the new collection.

Hoppipolla North Atlantic

When your done at the mountain and maybe want to keep it a bit more casual, then you should also check out the Part #2 Collection, made for “The Afterparty".

Well, we didn't plan on sleeping tonight anyways...

Go inside the world of Hoppipolla over at the new re-designed website, featuring the full product lines and the worldwide retailers: www.hoppipollaheadwear.com