Eiki supposedly wanted to see "a mermaid getting sliced up by an outboard motor" (as you do) for his Jib Baord graphic, while Halldor's relatively tame by comparison Park Baord was inspired by "R.V. styles last season, mixing up their ‘landing fluid’ R.V. juice before and after riding."

Halldor a;so gives us tips on how to make our own version of the RV cocktail: "All you have to do for the same experience is 1) Get a smelly R.V. and 2) Follow this simple recipe: Mix a shot of tequila with shots of vodka, run, gin, cointreaux and whiskey, then fill it up with cola. 3) Drink it."

While overall, the graphics aren't quite as offensive as previous 'additions', they're still pretty out there if you ask us...

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