Lib Tech Snowboards 2014-2015

We've all known for a good long while that the guys out at Mervin Manufacturing are a bit kooky when it comes to building snowboards... so of course - the Lib Tech and Gnu stand was high on our list of spots to see at this year's ISPO!

When we got there, we were welcomed by a blacklight lit stand and a bunch of very helpful starry thermal wearing types - presenting a whole heap of new boards with typically 'out there' graphics - stoked!

While we couldn't possibly get around to shooting every single new design in their 2014-2015 line, we have managed to get a selection of snaps of their weird and wonderful designs for next season - specially for all you Mervin fanboys and curious parties...

Expect strange shapes and curvy cutouts tip to tail - and boards endorsed from the likes of Jamie Lynn and Travis Rice. AS WELL as long running schemes like their #passitonproject and collab with Gateway Parks.

Anyway, enough talk - we're sure you're itching to see what has come out of Mervin's magic box this year. Get clicking to see some of our favourites...:

[part title="Gateway"]

Lib tech btx gateway snowboard 2014-2015

Lib Tech's Gateway series is a double edged sword - and bang in fitting with their ethos. It's a board that represents their support of Gateway Parks, a core group of riders bringing top notch snow parks to local shredders around North America.

So when you buy one of these boards, you can shred safe in the knowledge that you money is supporting this scheme - and if you live near one of the Gateway parks you can even make use of the free Weekday Warrior lift pass that comes with it - which seems to make a lot of sense! It's like a working kickstarter scheme where everyone wins! Now all we need is the same thing in Europe...

[part title="Travis Rice Speedodeeps and Gold Member"]

Lib Tech travis rice speedo deeps snowboard  2014-2015

The name that works back to front, Speedodeeps is a twin Pow board from their experiMENTAL division. And it comes as no surprise that the board works back to front too floating through all kinds of soft snow. It's built to work in the park and piste as well - pretty versatile, ey!

[part title="Travis Rice Goldmember & #passitonproject"]

Lib Tech Travis Rice Gold Member SNowboard 3 2014-2015

The Goldmember is a new T.Rice name to the line this year, building on the Speedodeeps model, it comes as regular, but is also the board chosen for this year's #passitonproject.

If you haven't seen Travis explain the #passitonproject project yet, here's what the Lib Tech Gold Member Asymbol collab has to say for itself - it's that tiny text in the middle of the board (above):

#passitonproject is an experiment in social art: to document one board's journey through the global snowboard community, seeing how many riders it can be passed on to and just how far around the world it can travel.

The Board.

This is Travis Rice's personal board - a lib tech 2014/15 Goldmember - ridden by Travis during the 2013/2014 Season. Really.

You have the board, now what?

  • Treat this board like it's your own. Do something creative with it
  • Instagram and Facebook your photos
  • Hashtag photos with #passitonproject
  • Add artwork to the topsheet. If you break it, fixt it. Ride At your own risk
  • Pass it on within 3 days of receiving it to someone you trust
  • Karma is a bitch - so don't be a jackass :)

Check in

Be sure to join the #passitonproject event page on Asymbol's Facebook page so we can add you to the world map and document your participation in this project. Participants will be selected at random to win a special item from Asymbol.

Pretty rad idea huh?

[part title="Outerwear"]

Lib tech brown grey snowboard jacket 2014-2015

Yes, Lib Tech are no one trick pony and they're back with a growing outerwear range this year - so you can casually match your hard and soft goods if you choose - here's a couple of the colours they've got going on for next year:

Lib tech cyan tan snowboard jacket 2014-2015

[part title="Jamie Lynn - Phoenix and Deflower"]

Lib Tech FD BTX T3 BTX Deflower SNowboards 2014-2015

If you're thinking that these boards have something in common - but you just can't put your finger on it, you're right. It's boobs. Jamie Lynn's pro models flaunting the female form as is tradition. And as a bonus, here's one of Onboard's finest putting himself in the hotseat behind one of the more unusually shaped (snowboard) noses we've seen.

Lib Tech FD BTX Deflower Detail 2014-2015

[part title="Gnu Space Out"]

Gnu Space Out 3 2014-2015

Gnu taking it to the moon on their new stub tail - pointy nose, rocket ship theme board the Space Out. This is a new one for this year - but it sure looks like a charger to us.

[part title="Fundamn & Half Cap"]

Lib Fun Damn c3 btx SNowboards 2014-2015

Lib Tech's Fundamn and Half Cap are two more of the range of boards celebrating Jamie Lynn's 20 year anniversary of his pro model board. We were pretty damn stoked on the look of these, as well as the fact that man himself showed up for a chat too!

Lib Fun Damn c3 btx SNowboards base 2014-2015
Gnu Devo pbtx Snowboard 2014-2015

Featuring the red brick hat wearing image of New Wave band Devo - (and named after one of their tracks none the less) the Whip It! is a tribute to going against the grain and an solid 80s throwback. Also, although It's just out of shot on this, the nose and tail are blunter than a pair of pre-school scissors too...

[part title="More Gnu!"]

Bonus Gnu product shots for everyone. Boom!


Gnu Snowboard Green Black Bindings 2014-2015
Gnu snowboards 2014-2015
Gnu snowboards 3 2014-2015


We hope you've enjoyed taking a browse through the latest from Mervin. Be sure to check out our Gear page if you want more from the other brands we bumped into at ISPO.