Global Brand Director for K2 Snowboarding - Hunter Waldron, came in to stun us with his snowboard knowledge here at ISPO 2015. The Coolbean snowboard sounds like a super fun and loose ride for getting radical across the mountain.

The K2 Snowboarding Gyrator that came out in 1988 is a piece of snowboarding history and up there with the snurfer as a classic must have piece of collector’s kit. With bright neon colours, it’s straight from the 80’s and K2 have rereleased the Gyrator in recent years, albeit with new technology and everything you’d expect from a modern snowboard.

K2 has never been afraid of innovation and is partly to blame for the recent rocker revival that is proving very popular on the slopes.

The longboard inspired, but super short board is designed for powder performance without the whopper lengths you usually get.