The Helgasons have just unveiled the super limited 'Special Addition' snowboard graphics for 2014, and as per usual they're pretty out there!

Take a look at the new Jibbaord and Parkbaord below and hit the images to buy these bad boys on the Lobster website.

First up, we have the Lobster 2014 Special Addition Jibbaord which, from first glances appears to be a chick burning at the stake. On second inspection of the name of the board, and the history of past Jibbaord special addition graphics, we're pretty sure this has waaay darker undertones. Go figure, and way to keep it controversial in the subtlest of ways...


Next up is our personal favourite, the 'Trexunicornfathumanpig' Parkbaord, which Halldor lovingly describes for us in the above video as: 'a T-Rex unicorn fat human pig riding a magic carpet'. On a rainbow background of course. We approve!