[splitpost intro="true"]Get a facefull of killer snowboards, boots and bindings as we present you with a peek at Head's highlights for the 2014-2015 winter season...

Head have been going about their business of producing stellar snowboards, boots and bindings for well over a decade now, and have amassed a solid team to represent their goods: from the all-conquering superhuman shredding of Fredi Evensen to the legit jib skills of Alex Tank... whatever your tipple head will have some gear to turn your... erm... head.

They've built quite the rep for offering high-end performance product at a near-unbeatable price, and dive further down the rabbit hole of 'affordably awesome' for 2015.

Have a look at some of their highlights for next winter over the following pages...

[part title="Head Instinct DCT i KERS Snowboard 2014-2015"]

Head Instinct DCT i KERS Snowboard 2014-2015

Head's flagship board, the Instinct DCT i KERS is the board Fredrik Evensen rides and is jacked to the eyeballs with the brand's premium technologies.

[part title="Head Evil i Flocka Snowboard 2014-2015"]

Head Evil i Flocka Snowboard 2014-2015

The Evil i Flocka is Alex Tank's steed of choice for jib assaults and fun laps, and as well as the distinctive double hammerhead shape has a flat camber profile for a ride that's both forgiving and responsive.

[part title="Head Daymaker DCT Snowboard 2014-2015"]

Head Daymaker DCT Snowboard 2014-2015

If you're after an all-mountain weapon, the Head Daymaker could make your day. Like the Instinct it has Head's Dual Camber Technology (DCT), which looks kinda freaky at first but it rides like a dream.

[part title="Head True Snowboard 2014-2015"]

Head True Snowboard 2014-2015

The True has a regular camber profile and is aimed at more entry level riders looking to step their game up.

[part title="Head Disrupt Flocka Snowboard 2014-2015"]

Head Disrupt Flocka Snowboard 2014-2015

A new model from Head for 2015, the Disrupt is zero camber and features the brand's Framewall construction - kind of a hybrid of sidewall and cap construction - for enhanced torsional performance.

[part title="Head Force i KERS Snowboard 2014-2015"]

Head Force i KERS Snowboard 2014-2015

This here Force i KERS has a powerful full camber profile, Basalt stringers for pop and KERS chips in the tip and tail for smooth stability. It's what Tom Klocker rides to hit the pro line or send it deep in pow.

[part title="Head Seven Boa Snowboard Boot 2014-2015"]

Head Seven Boa Snowboard Boot 2014-2015

Another new product from Head for 2015 is the Seven Boa boot. You can be sure of plenty of lightweight foothold and comfort from this snow sneaker.

[part title="Head Seven Boa Womens Boot 2014-2015"]

Head Seven Boa Womens Boot 2014-2015

And even if you don't have a penis, you can still get the Seven boot goodness thanks to the women's version that Head offer.

[part title="Head Team Boa Hybrid Boot 2014-2015"]

Head Team Boa Hybrid Boot 2014-2015

As the name implies, this boot was designed with the input of the team and features Boa for locked in hold, laces for that legit look, and a sole with a tread pattern in the shape of a bunch of brezen just because they can.

[part title="Head NX Five DF Binding 2014-2015"]

Head NX Five DF Binding 2014-2015

Head's NX Five DF is their top end binding. Features include a bunch of dampening, flex where you need it, stiffness where you want it, and the straps open way out so you're not dicking around with them when you want to be lapping pow.

[part title="Head NX Fay V DF 2014-2015"]

Head NX Fay V DF 2014-2015

The women's version of The NX Five eschews English letters for Roman numerals but the performance level remains the same, albeit with a focus on the female anatomy.