The Mt. Weird, Mervin Collective are back from Munich, Germany in the second of our interviews, this time with Gnu Snowboards' head honcho Mike Olson. Henry Jackson is warming into the days activities at ISPO 2015 with a first look at the Gnu Snowboards range for 2016.

The year was 1977 when a young Mike Olson shocked the world/his High School when instead of making a clock or a ornamental vase in his DT class, he decided to make a snowboard much to the dismay of his parents and the outside world.

Fortunately for us, this didn’t deter the young Washingtonian because he and a friend Pete Saari decided to drop out of college in ’84 to start their own snowboard company; thus GNU snowboards was born.

After an amicable split from Quiksilver 18 months ago, Gnu Snowboards are proud to present the Zoid snowboard. An asymmetric stick designed to get the best from your body with minimal effort.