Henry Jackson is back, straight to your computer screens from Munich, for another first look at ISPO 2015 product. This time Henry's joined by Elan Snowboards' Blaise Rosenthal.

Elan Snowboards was set-up in 1987 in the north-western Solvenia. The factory just across the border in Furnitz, Austria was owned by the Elan group 'till it declared bancrupcy in 2013. The Furnitz factory is now leased by the folks over at Capita Super Corporation. Elan Snowboards on the other hand has moved the HQ and their snowboard manufacturing across the border to their ski factory in Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia.

Blaise Rosenthal from Elan Snowboards dropped by to give Henry the news on the Elan Wave Rider - a powder all-mountain killer profile that'll suit you well no matter the terrain.