Founded in a garage, like it seems most action sports companies are, Dragon Alliance came from the need of a company that provided the best product to the athletes that needed them, whilst still remaining connected to the core of snowboarding.

Whilst not initially coming to the goggle/snowboard market, founder Will Howard soon saw the potential in the snowboard market and began hunting down riders for his team and shops to distribute the goggles to the masses. With two snowboarding legends Jamie Lynn and Chris Roach on the first ever Dragon team roster, it wasn’t a surprise that Dragon took off quicker than a Finnish kid hitting a hip.

Fastforward a few years and you arrive at the present day. We took a tour round their stand at ISPO 2015 to see what the future holds for the Dragon.

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The D1 goggle is one of Dragon Alliance's classic shape. A true throwback to the days when men were men, and goggles were goggles.

The dual cylindrical lens that comes with anti-fog tech built in will make sure that the only reason your eyes are moist is because you saw a banging method.

As with all Dragon gear, it's 100% UV protected to keep your iris' from burning, and triple foam to keep 'em cushioned on your head.


The D3 is another one of Dragon Alliance's infamous shapes. It comes with an optically correct 6 base injected spherical lens, which basically means the lens is moulded into a wide angled semi-circle.

This means the lens is super tough as it's not warped into place in the frame, and gives you vision in your peripheries where it counts.

Coupled up with the fact there's a whopping 20+ possible lenses that are D3 compatible, and you have yourself a solid set of specs.


Spring days and summer nights must have been in mind for the designers at Dragon Alliance when they forged the DS2 from Grilamid.

Grilamid is a sport specific plastic that has high impact strength, without sacrificing on weight. For the surf sessions on the beach when you need your SPF50 on, the chemically resistant material doesn't warp meaning a long lasting set of sunnies that look stylish.


The next stride in the evolution of the Dragon Alliance DX series is the DX2 goggle. The DX has been a mainstay of many a rider, enthusiast and pro for years, and now it receives a face lift that'll last longer than botox.

The goggle suits a slightly wider face due to the width and height of vision you get whilst staring through the dual cylindrical lenses. The helmet compatible ventilation design means if you've got a lid on, you won't end up blanking out from fog.


If like us, you're both a ripper on the slopes and a killer in the streets - you'll understand the struggle to find sunglasses that'll serve you well in both enviroments.

Well, meet Marquis from Dragon Alliance. He's an Italian thoroughbred from the valleys of Northern Italy. Fitting a smaller face shape, the Marquis doesn't care if you're a boy or a girl, Marquis just wants to sit on your face.

Made from a strengthened and impact resistant composite plastic, Marquis can take the hard knock life in stride.


If you're more of North Face of the Eiger than a North London person, the Mountaineer X is here to shield your eyes from the burning stares of the sun.

With more leg attachments than a Swiss pirate, the different style will keep the frames locked to your face with minimal weight. The leather side shields keep your eyes protected from the even the highest of harmful UV rays, but detach when you arrive back into town for post-ascent pint.


It's difficult to find a goggle that fits if you've got a köpf that sits in the middle of the field. If you find most goggles either too big or too small, Dragon have got the goldilocks goggle for you.

Danny Davis takes his timeless style to the NFX2 for his pro model thats packed with pro features. The Swiftlock lens system means you can switch out for any of the 20 available lenses before you can say switch method.

With super anti-fog technology, you'll have no excuses for missing the grab either.


The NFX is the goggle that started a revolution. A revolution that demanded more; more vision, more lens, but less frame.

The original frameless goggle from Dragon Alliance is now a commonly spotted sight on the mountain - and for good reason.

The super wide and high goggle gives unparalleled vision across your spectrum of sight, whilst the inbuilt tech keeps you from fogging up or going blind. Nifty eh?


Say yes to looking like a badass with the NFXs from Dragon Alliance. The NFXs is designed for a smaller face shape, so if you feel like you're drowning in goggle in the NFX, this is built specifically for you.

It's not a no-thrills goggle because of that though. It still packs the same punch as the NFX including the patented frameless technology, and a roster of different lenses to switch up when you need.


A bit more Robocop than Romain de Marchi, the Remix is here to find your third eye with a continuous lens spanning the bridge of your nose.

Dragon Alliance injection mold the frames using Grilamid granules that'll stand the test of time and won't make your bank manager wince.

There's several different styles of the Remix, this one comes with a polarised lens to keep those cornea frying UV rays at bay.


If you like living on the wrong side of the law you'd do right to pick up a set of Rouge's from Dragon Alliance.

The medium shape has a mellow angle top frame to fit snuggly to the lip of you helmet to ensure you escape 'that' gaper look.

If it's looks your after you won't be disappointed either with 7 different colour ways to chose from and the normal quiver of lenses.


Transitions are good. Transitions are pipes, hips and bowls, which are all some of the best terrain to ride when standing sideways.

Now there's a lens to boot as well. The Transition lens is that adapts the to lighting conditions and change their tint to suit the new weather.

By using UV ray density as a guide, they'll adapt to brighter or darker conditions to ensure you get the best definition in the terrain around you.

Smart lenses for smart people.


Dragon Alliance has added another framless goggle to their roster in the form of the X1.

The low profile, but large size mean you've got a wide angle of vision without the border of a frame to stop you from enjoying the view.

The lenses are optically molded in a spherical shape meaning no distortion in the material, and a lens that'll stand up to the harshest of rag dolls.


Gigi Rüf is a living legend, and it's no surprise he has a legendary goggle to go with him. The X1s is a scaled down version of the X1 for those of a smaller visage.

If you're not quite as confident in your riding as Gigi, which isn't really a surprise, the goggles are helmet compatible to ensure you don't end up fogging up and dropping out.


Next in the line of the X series from Dragon Alliance, is unsurprisingly the X2.

The whopper size means you'll have a wider field of vision than the viewing platform of a skyscraper, without the pesky wind.

If you like to shred every damn day (which you should), you'll be glad to know you can change with the weather with the Swiftlock system allowing easy transition between lens types to maintain the stoke.

It's never a bad idea to look to nature either, and with honeycomb shaped vents to protect the venting, you'll be able to navigate any kind of weather.