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At Deeluxe, they focus on one thing: crafting exceptional boots for snowboarding.

As a tight-knit independent company, they're driven by a passion for riding and a commitment to innovation. For over twenty years, they've pioneered new technology while refining proven approaches. By collaborating with riders to develop boots for the specific terrain they destroy, they offer footwear as diverse as today’s riders.

This design-driven approach allows you to focus on your riding while they take care of your feet. Whether you session rails in front of city hall, lap the bunny hill, or splitboard in Alaska, you can depend on Deeluxe.

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If you're looking for a boot that can take you to the moon and back, the Spark Summit from Deeluxe Snowboard Boots might not be a bad choice.

Built hardier than a nuclear bomb shelter, the Vibram sole gives you the performance you need, when you need it most. Be warned though, the Spark Summit takes no prisoners when it comes to flex - it ranks in as one of the stiffest boots we've seen at ISPO 2015 so far.

The C3 BOA system will keep your foot in place short of an earthquake taking place underfoot. And even then, we reckon you'd still be ripping with these on your feet.


If you're looking for a workhorse that won't buck you if you're not the best cowboy at the rodeo, take a lifeline and go with the Independent BC. The backcountry specific boot will give the reliability you need from a packhorse, but the performance of a thoroughbred stallion when you descend.

Ranking it a bit softer that the Spark Summit, the Independent BC still packs an indestructible punch when it comes to construction. The super stiff heel slab and sole mean you can team the boot up with crampons without destroying your feet.


Some riders want it all. They want the backcountry in their backyard, the park in their pocket and to take the streets in their stride. The Deeluxe Snowboard Boot crew tote the Empire as their terrain tackling choice.

The stitching construction of the boot allows the boot to flex in all directions, meaning you can throw your weight wherever you need it. A progressive flex needs a progressive lacing system and the boot doesn't disappoint with the TPS system.


If it's good enough for the German powerhouse Elias Elhardt, it's good enough for you.

The Deemon from Deeluxe Snowboard Boots will help propel you to the 10th circle of shred hell with a custom flex design, but with first class comfort.

The oversized ankle strap on the outer drives your heel into the heel of the boot so you get a performance fit with minimal stress, whilst the power-strap on the top of the boot can be adjusted in tightness to suit the terrain you're riding.


For the fourth incarnation of Dan Brisee's signature boots, Deeluxe have gone all out to make sure that this is a terrain toughened boot.

The Custom Flex boot allows you to adjust the stiffness of the boot depending on the riding you're doing. So, it you want to nose bone until you poke someones eye out, or gap buildings, the boots will adjust to your riding with no hold barred.


Not to be mixed up the Japanese Yakuza, the Yasuka is still a killer boot from Deeluxe that'll pillage and plunder whatever terrain you're faced up to tackle.

A looser skate inspired feel is the main design concept of the boot which is coupled with a low profile sole for maximum boardfeel when attached to your weapon of choice.

It also looks more stylish than a backside 180 which is saying something. A boot for the connoisseur of all things good.


We all know what a slight of hand is, but Deeluxe have pulled of a slight of foot for the Slight. A minimal impact boot that's light on the foot and lightweight on the wallet is the name of the game for this number.

The D Lug outsole will cushion any trip ups you might have without compromising on performance when it counts. The quicklace system will see you out of the bootroom and into the backcountry like a flash.


Just because they're little kids, doesn't mean they have little ambitions.

The Junior is here to take the superstars of tomorrow and give them the platform they need to propel themselves to the spotlight courtesy of Deeluxe.

The Boa lacing system is a no-faff approved way of avoiding any tears, whilst a forgiving flex will avoid any tantrums on the T-Bar.


Make your mark on the world of park orientated snowboarding with the ID 6.1 Lara from Deeluxe. Whilst normally you might have to compromise on performance when it comes to boots for the fairer sex, the ID 6.1 is the Emmeline Parkhurst of snowboard boots fighting for your right to ride.

The boot isn't a cop off of a mens boot either, the outer boot has been ergonomically designed for a womens stature meaning it's tough in the places you want it and soft where you need it.


If you're looking for a boot that'll help you slash powder turns as well as your overdraft, the Ray Lara from Deeluxe might be the Merkel inspiring boot of choice for you.

It's a soft flexing boot more designed for cruising and slashing that it is crushing and charging in all honesty. Make no mistakes though, the flagship boot from Deeluxe still packs a punch when you need it.


A new terror has arrived on the street. No handrail is safe, no ledge left untented, no drop left un-scoped. The cities aren't safe with the introduction of The Street from Deeluxe.

Sebi Mueller's partner of choice will leave you more connected to your environment than ever before....1.5cm closer in actual fact as the sole is only 8mm thick. This means whilst you might have your feet on the ground, you can keep your head in the clouds.


It's been twenty years in the making and it was worth the wait. Twenty years of innovation packed into a boot that harks back the days of yonder; it is the 9Six.

A skate style feel that'll keep the ankles in check, whilst keeping both your ankles and your bank balance cushioned on any tumbles you might take.