Deeluxe Empire Green Snowboard Boots 2014-2015

As you might expect from the name, Deeluxe is a proud independent supplier of mid to high end snowboarding boots. With rugged designs and high tech features that make sure your feet are comfy, in control, and looking rad.

This year at ISPO, we picked a selection of their new colourways and designs to give you a quick preview of what they've got in store for 2014/2015 - and we've got to say, we liked what we saw. Their range is full of timeless style and reinvented classics - which is a good thing, 'cos these bulletproof boots aren't going anywhere in a hurry.[splitpost intro="true" position="both"]

And if you don't believe us, you can ask their team too. They've got footwear that withstands the impact of Dan Brisse's monstrous street features, Xavier De Le Rue's Arctic big mountain lines and Yusaku Horii's versatile jibbing and powder riding to name but a few.

They're pro's at giving you control over fit and tailoring flex because they listen to the feedback from their 50 strong team of riders - so you can be sure that each one of these models has been tried and tested to get it as good as possible. Check them out:

[part title="Deeluxe Alpha"]

Deeluxe Alpha Snowboard Boots 2014-2015

Kicking it off with the Alpha - classic leather outer, soft-medium flex, section controlled lacing and easy flex points to stop your boot bulging out. As with many Deeluxe boots, this has a power strap to give you controll over the fit around the calf. [part title="The Brisse"]

Deeluxe Brisse Snowboard Boots 2014-2015

You've seen Dan Brisse stomping some of the biggest features possible in the streets - and you're thinking 'how the fuck do his feet handle that?' - well here's your answer. Enhanced stability and support, three zone adjustment, customisable flex, double power strap, all it takes for your feet to survive how much of a boss you are!

Deeluxe Empire Green Snowboard Boots 2014-2015

This is Elias Elhardt's boot of choice, and as you might imagine, it's an all mountain charger. Looks like a tank, built like a tank. 'Optional TPS shield' - sounds like a tank to me...

Deeluxe ID 52 Lara Snowboard Boots 2014-2015

Ladies boot, the ID 52 Lara looks pretty sick to us. It's a park driven mid flex badass for stepping up your game onto those bigger kickers, and showing the world who's boss.

Deeluxe Independent Snowboard Boots 2014-2015

Designed by the Independent team - by powder chasers for powder chasers - this earthy number looks natural enough to us.

Deeluxe Ray Lara Snowboard Boots 2014-2015

Another good looking boot for the girls - the Ray Lara is almost the female equivalent of the Alpha, with soft-mid flex and section control lacing. This does feature pro flex zones however, which offer more support in the joint.

Deeluxe Yusaku Snowboard Boots 2014-2015

Fresh for this year is the new Yusaku pro model! Classic black and white with a flash of green detail up the heel (which you can see in the background of the Brisse model photo). One of our favourite extra touches in the designs this year for sure.