Coal Beanies Hats Assorted Logo 2014-2015

Coal was founded on the belief that headwear is more than an accessory. It’s part of you, your identity, and your lifestyle. They build this idea into each of their designs by using quality materials and exacting detail, and crafting styles that are "as unique as you are".

In 2002 a group of friends got together to start a company that reflected their shared vision: headwear should be more than an accessory. At the time, hats, knit beanies, and the like were little more than a commodity that brands put their logo on. Coal chose not to. Today, Coal has kept its low key style, and count a pretty strong posse of riders to represent their vision, such as Scott Stevens, Jess Kimura, Cale Zima, Phil Jacques, or Joe Sexton. But Coal has also ambassadors in other areas than snowboarding, music and art for example. Check their inspirational 2014/2015 collection in the following pages.

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Coal Beanies Hats Assorted 2 2014-2015

After the classic beanie with understatement leather logo, a bit more of a colorful collection. [part title="coal 2"]

Coal Beanies Hats Squirrel Cat 2014-2015

Cats and squirrels are so 2014!

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Coal Beanies Hats Assorted 2 Striped 2014-2015

The stripes are still in. Always long and loose fit so you can fold it back.

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Coal Leaf Cap Hats 2014-2015

Another must have for 2014: the palm tree cap.

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Coal Bucket Hats Camo Black 2014-2015

The fisherman bob was starting to be seen on summer camps and early season, we announce an invasion on the slopes this year...

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Coal Assorted Cap Hats 2014-2015

Overlooking the cap collection: from trucker caps to 5 panels, the choice will be yours.

Check out our gear page for more freshness for 2014/2015!