Bromies for life Kevin Bäckstrom and Tor Lundström have got it together and launched a collection of clothing, dubbed 'Vacation Club', under their infamous BYNDXMDLS moniker. Check the garms...


Snowboarding and skateboarding is much more than the act of it and we have always strived to emphasize the side of the culture that we love.

This brand represents what we are into, the community of snowboarding and everything that comes with it.

We represent the next generation of kids that take their own path and are taking advantage of their own creative freedom wherever it might lead them. This brand is a product of the community and lifestyle that helped us shape who we are today.

Here is the first clothing collection from BYNDXMDLS - Vacation Forever - available now in the BYNDXMDLS webshop. Hope you like the pieces.

Kevin Bäckström / Tor Lundström