The B have bro'd down with the N to produce a new app for Nokia phones running Windows 8 that allows you to shoot and morph sequences of your homies, get up-to-date resort forecasts and comes complete with pre-loaded shred playlists. The PR title of 'Seqs, Runs and Rock & Roll' was quite inspired too.

If you have the Nokia Lumia 620, 820 or 920 and you nab this free app you'll be able film a line, hit a button and it'll stitch together the sequence as a photo which you can then share to Facebook and Twiter - the quality of which we'll let you know just as soon as Nokia poney up and give us one to play with. They claim the results are "exactly like you see in snowboarding magazines," but we're dubious - not least because we print at 300dpi and our Photo Ed may seriously consider ending it all if true.

The forecast function allows you to check snow levels, weather conditions and which runs are open at over 2600 resorts across the globe, and once you're strapped in you can access the pre-loaded playlists to amp your ass while on the stunt.

Finnish Burton slasher Roope Tonteri is on board, so here's a photo of him getting business done...


And here's one of him getting business done and managing to look more serious than we've ever seen him before, ever. Either that or he's just trying to piece together what happened the night before.

Check out www.nokia.com for more details.