Bonfire jackets pants snowboard 2014-2015

Bonfire have been fine purveyors of snowboarding outerwear since 1989, when they were set up by former Sims marketing director Brad Steward. They've maintained a strong image since - and this year, as they celebrate their 25th Anniversary, is no different.

Bonfire know (and helped to define) the art of classic snowboarding style, and you'll always be able to find that comfortable simplicity in their lines - BUT that does't mean that they've been complacent for the last quarter century, and chances are you might be caught by surprised with a few curve balls they throw out there too... These guys started out by pushing the boundaries and breaking the mould of crappy ugly ski gear and they're not about to stop for anyone.

Over the years they've been influential in the growth of the biggest names in the industry, with a long list of employees and riders that has included Jake Burton, David Benedek, Todd Richards, Tim Windell, Bode Merrill, Louif Paradis, Jeff Curtes and many many more.

We're stoked to have a small sample of what's on its way for next season - with men's and women's jackets in a variety of styles: from plaid and classics to street-inspired and two-tone block colours.

Get stuck in:

[part title="Bonfire Wildfire Parka Jacket"]

Bonfire Tan Ladies Snowboard Jacket 2014-2015

This ladies Wildfire parka looks rad, with the interesting addition of a half popper over the top half of the zip. Two tone quality from Bonfire.

Bonfire Tan Black Snowboard Jacket 2014-2015

[part title="Bonfire Balaclava & Beanies"]

Bonfire balaclava beanies snowboard 2014-2015

Poly fleece balaclava and ribbed beanies to keep your peanut toasty...

Bonfire Tailored To Destroy Snowboard Jacket 2014-2015

Bonfire and Fourstar got together to design four pieces of kit for this season. This jacket is just one of the Capsule Collection - slick street style with some NICE detail on the lining.

Bonfire Red Snowboard Jacket 2014-2015

New for this year, the Nelson jacket in super bright red.

Bonfire Black Grey Snowboard Jacket 2014-2015

Contrast block colour designs for the Russell jacket - give us a twirl...

[part title="Bonfire Plaid Jacket / Green Jacket"]

Bonfire Tan Plaid Snowboard Jacket 2014-2015
Bonfire Green Snowboard Jacket 2014-2015

[part title="Bonfire Men's Two-Tone Jacket and Ladies Turquoise"]

Bonfire Black Blue Snowboard Jacket 2014-2015

Bring on the blues - simple style that will never get old!

Bonfire Turqoise Snowboard Jacket 2014-2015

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