In 2014 Bern Unlimited celebrated 10 years of helmet production - and the Massachusetts based brand don't look like they'll be letting up any time soon.

Now in their eleventh year, they're moving forward into a range of goggles to accompany their popular head protection - which, as always, there is plenty of too.

Here you'll find helmets and Hard Hats that can take the beating for you when you stumble, with a comprehensive range for all types of riders. And, chances are, you'll end up reaching for yours when you take on off-snow activities too.

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The Baker is Bern's original peak helmet - and has been hugely popular with fans of the style over the years.

The silhouette - much like many other Bern lids, comes in a thin shell certified EPS option, and a Hard Hat variation that isn't certified but will withstand multiple low impact hits - in short what you might expect if you're a regular snowboarder.

Both options also have audio systems available if that's your bag too.


The Brighton has similar Hard Hat and EPS options to the Baker but has a women's specific fit.

The EPS version comes with either a summer or winter comfort liner depending on the season - and you can buy replacements so that you have both to choose from. And the Hard Hat has a snap out winter liner so you can just remove it for a cooler climate in the warmer months.


The Bern Camino is a new youth entry for this season - with peaked styling meeting a morn modern and techy look.

Following on from the styling of the kids Nino lid from last season - it's got a change in profile, but we're sure it'll be another seasonally versatile helmet for those up-and-coming shreds.


Bern are making moves into the goggle market this season, with a comprehensive range of sizes in the spherical style.

First up are the men's Eastwood frames - oversized, semi-frameless and featuring 'Plus Foam' and a 'POP lens'.


A high-tech lid for the ladies - the Hepburn features Bern's Stealth Slider vent closure system, as well as Zip Mold+ liquid injected foam to keep things lightweight.

For a perfect fit - the Hepburn features a crank on the back of the liner so you can customise and make it extra snug - and their sink fit overall makes for a full-surround low profile look.


The Jackson goggles share many similarities with the Eastwood - but come in with a medium men's frame size.

They have a spherical lens for a wider field of vision, and a semi-frameless system allows you to remove and swap the lenses as you choose.


The Juno goggles aim to fill the same gap for women as the Jacksons do for men. They're a medium fit for those of you who don't want to go overboard on size.

As with their male counterpart - they feature spherical lenses that you can swap and remove, in a versatile semi-frameless style.


Bern's Kingston was a new entry into the line last season - and is a technical lid that fits in line with the Hepburn and Rollins styles.

Low profile and light-weight, it comes with external vent sliders for adjustment on the fly, and a premium tweakable liner system ensures perfect fit.


Back to the EPS/Hard Hat options - and here's another one for the ladies.

The Lenox is a visor helmet for ladies, and is suitable for use when you're out riding - regardless of the season.

As with the Brighton, the EPS version comes with a seasonally specific liner that can be replaced, and the Hard Hat has a snap-able winter liner that you can leave at home on warmer days.


Interestingly not the first Wu Tang tribute we've seen in next year's product range - the Macon is a peakless version of lids like the Baker or Watts.

It's similarly available in Hard Hat and EPS variations depending on your preferences, and has options for 8tracks or Wireless audio whichever model you pick.


The largest frame goggles Bern are offering for the ladies is the Monroe - another oversize spherical lenser.

As with the Eastwood it comes in with 'Lens POP' tech and 'Plus Foam' for your comfort and convenience.


Another multi-seasoner, and another Hard Hat/EPS option - the Muse is for the ladies, and doubles as their version of the Baker.

Vent-free for a clean outer - you have the standard options to choose from: thin shell with interchangeable seasonal liners, or multi-impact with a removable winter fleece.


The Rollins is the male high-tech counterpart to the Hepburn, and is a slightly cheaper option for those of you who like the Kingston but don't need on-the-fly vent adjustment.

Instead it packs internal vent adjustment - which you can still simply switch by removing the helmet and pushing a slider - as well as premium micro adjustable fit, and a high strength to weight ration, and you're on to a winner.


A smaller fitting frame for the girls - the Scout is a further option in Bern's new goggle line.

Spherical, and with added style points, these look more than ready for the challenges of growing female shredders.


Now available in bothe Carbon (above) and standard shells (below) the Watts is the final helmet we've got to preview for next season.

The Carbon option is super-lightweight, but only available in the thin shell EPS option, whereas a Hard Hat option will take more than a few small knocks before it needs replacing.