Bataleon Snowboards Tradeshow Stand 2014-2015IMG_5145

Here's a look at next year's stacked product offering from Bataleon snowboards. As always, the entire line features their acclaimed Triple Base Technology and a whole bunch of sick graphics to go with it.

In our eyes at least, Bataleon have been getting stronger and stronger every season. A couple back they redesigned the shapes of every snowboard in their range, giving them a distinctive blunted look and introducing some key new models.

Their Triple Base Technology has been imitated by many other brands in snowboarding which is surely testament to how well it works. The idea is founded on the idea that by raising the contact points out of the snow slightly, you decrease the chance of catching your edges, and by incorporating tip to tail camber, you don't compromise on pop.

As always, Bataleon's graphics are striking, forward thinking and memorable and we're pretty hyped on the whole line.

Click through to check them all out - you might need to wear a bib for all that drooling...

[part title="Bataleon Airobic Snowboard 2014/2015"]

Bataleon Airobic Snowboard Base Graphic 2014-2015IMG_5106

The Bataleon Airobic snowboard is a soft, playful number with a true twin shape. It's not the softest board in the line but is still a solid choice for guys after a jib board that they can also take to the rest of the mountain.

[part title="Bataleon Asymmetric Evil Twin Snowboard 2014/2015"]

Bataleon Assymetric Evil Twin Snowboard 2014-2015 Full ViewIMG_5121

Bataleon are getting involved with the asymmetric trend for 2015, combining their acclaimed triple base technology with an asymmetric shape that will make turning your snowboard feel that much more effortless. And it's all on one of their best selling sticks, the Evil Twin, featuring a mean looking cobra on the topsheet. [part title="Bataleon Black Snowboard Jacket 2014/2015"]

Bataleon Black Snowboard Jacket 2014-2015IMG_5153

Bataleon have been in the outerwear game for a few seasons now, releasing a tight, but high quality selection of well thought out threads. This black number has all of the features we've come to expect from the brand, including a hood that fits perfectly over a helmet, waterproof fabric, big pockets and a nice, long fit.

[part title="Bataleon Boss Snowboard 2014/2015"]

Bataleon Boss Snowboard 2014-2015IMG_5122

The Boss was introduced to the Bataleon line this past season and is essentially a pimped out Evil Twin with premium materials. It's a true twin with a mid-soft flex and will be perfectly at home in the park. That graphic is pretty badass too - simple, understated and very classy indeed. [part title="Bataleon Camel Toe Bill Stewart Snowboard 2014/2015"]

Bataleon Camel Toe Bill Stewart Snowboard 2014-2015IMG_5100

Last season's limited edition Bataleon Camel Toe, with it's erm... camel toe graphics, certainly caused quite the stir. For next season, this pow squasher's graphic pays homage to the our sport's original shred sticks. So if you've never had the chance to actually ride a snurfer you can at least pretend.

[part title="Bataleon Camel Toe Snowboard 2014/2015"]

Bataleon Camel Toe Snowboard 2014-2015IMG_5087

The Camel Toe also comes in more toned down, traditional graphics too.

[part title="Bataleon Disaster Snowboard 2014/2015"]

Bataleon Disaster Snowboard 2014-2015IMG_5102 [part title="Bataleon Crew Special Edition Snowboard 2014/2015"]

Bataleon Crew Special Edition Snowboard Base Graphic 2014-2015IMG_5105

The Disaster also comes in a special edition graphic in the 152 size and this is the one that Jaeger Bailey throws his extra creative breed of stunt on.

[part title="Bataleon Whatever Snowboard 2014/2015"]

Bataleon Whatever Snowboard 2014-2015IMG_5099

The Whatever is anything but a 'whatever' snowboard. Take it on powder, groomers, jumps - it'll handle whatever you throw at it. If your looking for one board that you can rely on no matter what you want to ride, the Whatever is a good shout. It looks pretty fresh too!

[part title="Bataleon Distortia Snowboard 2014/2015"]

Bataleon Distortia Snowboard Base Graphic 2014-2015IMG_5107

The Bataleon Distortia for the women features a rad collage of art, from photography, to pattern to pop art. [part title="Bataleon Evil Twin Snowboard 2014/2015"]

Bataleon Evil Twin Snowboard 2014-2015IMG_5117

The Bataleon Evil Twin is full blown classic snowboard and for 2014/2015, Bataleon pay homage to all of the graphics that have adorned this much celebrated freestyle stick over the years. How many do you recognize? [part title="Bataleon Feelbetter Snowboard 2014/2015"]

Bataleon Feelbetter Snowboard 2014-2015IMG_5123

The Feelbetter is a forgiving, playful freestyle stick for women and it has been optimised so that even the most petite of you lovely ladies can press this thing. The graphic is a beaut as well! [part title="Bataleon Fun Kink Snowboard 2014/2015"]

Bataleon Fun Kink Snowboard 2014-2015IMG_5125

The Fun Kink is the softest and most playful board in Bataleon's freestyle range. It's not so soft that you can't take it on the mountain but it also offers enough flex for pressing to be a breeze. [part title="Bataleon Global Warmer Snowboard 2014/2015"]

Bataleon Global Warmer Snowboard Base Graphic 2014-2015IMG_5111

The Global Warmer remains one of our favourite snowboards in the Bataleon range. It's essentially a jib board that's pimped out to the max with carbon, a sintered base and other high tech ingredients. The soft flex makes it perfect for hitting rails on but it's also an incredibly lively ride thanks to the carbon inside it.

[part title="Bataleon Goliath Snowboard "]

Bataleon Goliath Snowboard 2014-2015IMG_5093

The Goliath is one of Bataleon's most versatile and popular decks and is at home anywhere on the mountain. It has a mid flex and is perfect from freestyle, charging, pow and everything in between. A true all rounder. [part title="Bataleon The Jam Snowboard 2014/2015"]

Bataleon Imagine Snowboard 2014-2015IMG_5092

The Jam is a bit of an all mountain beast of a snowboard. Bataleon have opted to keep the graphic nice and simple for 2014/2015.

[part title="Bataleon Omni Snowboard 2014/2015"]

Bataleon Omni Snowboard 2014-2015IMG_5090

The Omni snowboard for 2014/2015

[part title="Bataleon Push Up Snowboard 2014/2015"]

Bataleon Push Up Snowboard 2014-2015IMG_5127

The Push Up is a responsive all-mountain deck for the ladies. It has a twin shape but a directional outline and is built for girls who rip!